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NEW FOR 2022

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Topic: NEW FOR 2022
Posted By:
Subject: NEW FOR 2022
Date Posted: September-21-2021 at 10:21am
does anyone know if Daisy coming out with any New air guns before Christmas..Thanks

Posted By: Canuck1958
Date Posted: September-21-2021 at 11:40am
As usual, I'm still hoping for a fresh production run of double barrels.

Posted By: BB1Shooter
Date Posted: September-22-2021 at 4:29pm
Same here Canuck1958. I would be real interested in a double barrel BB, shotgun/coach gun from Daisy.

Maybe CO2 powered for a bit more FPS. And even better it it was a shell loading, like a lot of the new western airguns. 

But I suspect that is all wishful thinking. 

Although they did come out with the Winchester Model 12 pump BB rifle, and put a bigger stock on the Red Ryder, they just don't seem to be coming out with a lot of new products. 

In comparison the new airgun company like Barra Airguns (formerly known as Bear River), has come out with a number of new guns, inc. western guns like, 6 versions of the S&W Schofield No. 3, and 3 versions of the Winchester 1866. 

Daisy, with their Winchester licensing, missed the chance to come out with a more modern version of the ever popular Winchester 1894, when Umarex introduced the Legends Cowboy Lever Action, CO2 powered, shell ejecting, air rifle. Which was is a very good seller for them. I suspect if Daisy came out with the same rifle under the Winchester name, it would have been an even bigger seller. 

So I don't hold out great hopes for anything really new & exciting from Daisy anymore. 

Oh, how the mighty have fallen. 

Posted By:
Date Posted: September-23-2021 at 9:39am
I think since GAMO took over Daisy and in China they don't care about Daisy !!

Posted By: Airitis
Date Posted: September-23-2021 at 3:48pm
Seems that Daisy and Red Ryder are synonymous, at least in the public eye.   At Christmas time they just make minor changes to the basic RR or the packaging.   Their other products take a back seat.   Wouldn't surprise me if their plan is to milk that cow for as long as possible.


Posted By:
Date Posted: September-25-2021 at 2:53pm
Thanks for letting us know, sad !!!

Posted By:
Date Posted: October-02-2021 at 10:37am
DAISY-GAMO, I sent Gamo not one but two E mails..Asking them if they were going to put Daisy out of Business? They have Not answer either One..It's a simple Yes or No Question..Daisy is Not coming out with Any New Air It will be Very Sad to see Daisy Gone...

Posted By: Bavaria55n
Date Posted: October-02-2021 at 12:19pm
Daisy seems to be doing OK.

Posted By: BB1Shooter
Date Posted: October-02-2021 at 6:52pm
I suppose everything is relative. 

Umarex, one of the largest airgun companies in the world has been coming out with lots of new, innovative & interesting airguns, like:
- Shell loading Colt Peacemakers (numerous different versions)
- Shell loading & ejecting lever action rifle, copy of Winchester 1894.
- Full auto WWII replicas like the Thompson M1A1 machine gun & German MP40 machine gun and M3 Grease Gun. 
- Full line of Glock pistols
- Dirty Harry S&W M29
- And many more.

Crosman has come out with a full line of full auto M16/AR assault rifles & Kalashnikov machine gun, plus many other new products

Air Venuri has come out with a M1 Garand & M1 Carbine.

Sig Sauer has introduced a pellet shooting copy of the newest US Army sidearm, the M17. 

Newcomer Barra Airguns has come out with a full line of S&W Schofield No. 3's, copy of the Winchester 1866,  and full auto Glock 18 pistol, plus other items.

During the same time Daisy's big new idea was put a longer stock on the Red Ryder & an all plastic pump action BB gun, the Winchester Model 12.

In my opinion Daisy is really starting to fall behind. 

Posted By:
Date Posted: October-04-2021 at 3:10pm
It's not Daisy anymore,GAMO owns Daisy..

Posted By:
Date Posted: October-18-2021 at 8:48am
Originally posted by Bavaria55n Bavaria55n wrote:

Daisy seems to be doing OK.
...Well if DAISY DOING O.K. I went to Walmart superstore they did NOT HAVE one Daisy bb gun and NO AMMO..But what they did have was ALL CROSMAN AND UMAREX RIFLES and lots of AMMO from Crosman..I ask the manager what about Daisy he said he didn't think so...Gary Were is DAISY..also went tractor supply same Thing..

Posted By: Bavaria55n
Date Posted: October-18-2021 at 9:27am
If you are selling everything you make I would think that is good?

Posted By: Airitis
Date Posted: October-18-2021 at 7:37pm
Our local WM still has Daisy's but I noticed the prices are way up from this summer.   I bet it's that whole "supply chain " issue.   The Daisy stock is probably sitting off the California coast.   


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