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Daisy Toy Double Barrel Shotgun No. 931

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Topic: Daisy Toy Double Barrel Shotgun No. 931
Posted By: jtlovell247
Subject: Daisy Toy Double Barrel Shotgun No. 931
Date Posted: December-08-2021 at 11:41am
I recently acquired a daisy double barrel toy shotgun new in the box. It is marked as a model number 931. There is no date on the box as to when it was manufactured. I was familiar with the 950 and 930 double barrel toy guns. But, have not been able to find any information on the 931 model. Does anyone have any information to share? I was curious if it shot cork balls or the tapered corks. Any information would be appreciated

Posted By: cobalt327
Date Posted: December-08-2021 at 4:26pm
I have photos of a 951 dbl. bbl. but not your 931. Sounds neat, though.

Posted By: jackdog
Date Posted: December-08-2021 at 7:23pm
Hey John.  This is Rick.  Got your muzzle shot of your 931.  It definitely shot the cork balls. Even the box says so.  It will also shoot the tapered #3 corks.
The cork insert area is nice AND ROUND. JUST OIL THE PLUNGERS AND STICK THE CORK BALLS I SENT YOU INTO THAT MUZZLE.  It may appear that they are too big at first, but they will go in there. push them in half way, then shoot,  reuse the same cork and do this a few times  and then next time 3/4 way in , shoot until you can push them in until flush and they will shoot...
I do this even with the 25, 965, and other cork guns daisy sold..   New corks pushed in all the way the first time sometimes do not shoot out on first try.. They kinda need to get compressed a little smaller. Which they will.

Here are pictures of johns 931 he is looking for information on.

As many of you know I collect daisy cork guns and never saw this one before, nor did I have any information on it....   Rick

Aim Straight

Posted By: jtlovell247
Date Posted: December-08-2021 at 8:03pm
Thanks, Rick! Couldn't figure out how to get the pictures posted. I sure appreciate all your help

Posted By: cobalt327
Date Posted: December-08-2021 at 8:08pm
Very cool! The barrel walls look very thick- are they, or is it the photo, or ? And if they are thick, are they solid or is it made of double wall sheet metal?

I bet it'll be a very long time afore I see another one NIB!

Posted By: jtlovell247
Date Posted: December-08-2021 at 9:06pm
I think it's just how it appears in the picture. I was able to locate another picture of this gun online from the national museum of American history. However, there is no information provided.

Posted By: jackdog
Date Posted: December-08-2021 at 9:59pm
To me they look like plastic inserts into the muzzles to form the cork ball chamber????
or maybe a metal insert???  But there is definitely some sort of insert into the muzzle end with staking or spot welds there to hold it in place,,.
After careful examination this is definitely a 930 cork gun with the insert to allow it shoot cork balls instead of tapered corks.
It is also from  the early 1960s ..prob 1962.. the lawman figure on box was used back then on their play gun boxes..            Rick

here is a 930 muzzle end,  compare to this 931..

931 muzzle

Aim Straight

Posted By: zipper28
Date Posted: December-09-2021 at 11:04am

I have a double barrel cork gun with bronze paint and light blonde plastic stock and forend. Is it a number 951? Just says Daisy Rogers Ark on the barrels. Also says Red Ryder on the stock.  Thanks

Posted By: jackdog
Date Posted: December-11-2021 at 12:49am
Zipper it is a 950,,,  introduced with the new "gun bronze" finish - 1960s
see below 

red ryder in gun - blu

red ryder in gun-bronze

Aim Straight

Posted By: zipper28
Date Posted: December-11-2021 at 1:40pm

Yes the 950 looks like it except mine doesn't have a "secret" pocket in the stock. Guess only certain ones had that feature.

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