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Daisy 880 Powerline part

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Topic: Daisy 880 Powerline part
Posted By: Bob1774
Subject: Daisy 880 Powerline part
Date Posted: June-20-2022 at 3:42pm
Recently was gifted a very clean 880 Powerline.  After upgrading the seals with one of "ronno's" kits, it shoots great!  Even came with the nice 808 scope.

I noticed on the forearm, that there were some small notches where the pump handle pivots on the link pin.  The pin had been off center at some time and drug on the plastic.  I just figured it had wobbled out due to wear, but have discovered it is missing a "link pin retainer."  It is evidently a bushing that has a tight friction fit when you re-insert the pin.  Not all variants had this design.

This one is obviously missing one, thus the loose pin working it way out.  

I could probably fabricate something, but wondered if any one had a source for these or a spare? 


Posted By: cobalt327
Date Posted: June-20-2022 at 11:31pm
Disregard- wrong part!

Posted By: Bob1774
Date Posted: June-21-2022 at 8:31am
Thanks for replying, but no, that is not the part.
It is a small metal cylinder bushing, that fits between the two "ears," of the lever.  When lined up with the pump handle link, the small steel pin is punched through it with a tight friction fit.
I'll try to get a photo posted from the service manual.
In the meantime, I used a same size piece of vacuum hose as a grommet to hold it in place for now.  That may work fine, but not sure for lots of use.
Also, I've learned to not force the pump closed if I feel any resistance to avoid breaking out forearm sides

Posted By: Bob1774
Date Posted: June-21-2022 at 9:49am
here is a description and diagram of the pin and retainer for an "old style," 880.  On the exploded parts diagram, they are part #'s 74 and 75.

Posted By: Bob1774
Date Posted: June-21-2022 at 1:19pm
Solved with a homemade piece.  I drilled a 1/4" hole vertically in to the center of a 3/8" hex bolt, about an inch deep, stepping up the bit sizes.  The hex head was easy to hold in my bench vise.  I cut the extra off using a depth gauge (match stick) then cut off the bushing I needed and ground and polished to size to fit snuggly between the ear holes on the intermediate lever.  The 1/4" is the diameter of the pin, so I mashed the bushing in the vise just a tad.
Fitted the bushing in the intermediate lever "ears," and using a punch for a guide, followed the pin in with some light taps.  It was very snug.  Added a bit of oil, and works perfectly!
The bushing I made was bit off center, but it is just a spacer so it doesn't need to be perfect.
Used my chrony, and got 616.8 fps at 6 pumps, and 695.5 at 10.  Buried the BB in the stop block deeply.
Hope that helps if someone else is missing that piece!

Posted By: Airitis
Date Posted: June-22-2022 at 12:32pm
Bob, I love that you figured out how to fabricate a missing piece.   Impressive how well it works.   Sometimes ya' just gotta do what works and keep them old gems spitting BBs!


Posted By: Bob1774
Date Posted: June-22-2022 at 12:50pm
For those wondering, I first drilled the hole to 15/64, thinking that would be a tight fit for the pin.  After lots of filing with a round file and still too tight, I went with the 1/4" hole, smashed just a bit to make a tight fit.  I would guess that the correct piece has a diameter hole that is just a .001 or so off from 1/4".  Anyway, glad it worked, and gave me something to do in my cool basement workshop on a hot afternoon!

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