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Daisy 1894 with wood stocks

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Topic: Daisy 1894 with wood stocks
Posted By: BB1Shooter
Subject: Daisy 1894 with wood stocks
Date Posted: November-23-2022 at 3:16pm

As mentioed in another post, and in response to the questions about wood furniture for the Daisy 1894. BTW, my 1st and still all time favorite Daisy airgun

To the best of my knowledge, Daisy made a wood stock for 3 different versions of the 1894. 

The most common one was for the last version of the 1894 sold under the "Winchester" line of airguns. They were made from approx. 2002 to 2009 (I think). Wood stock & foregrip with plastic receiver & lever. Came out with more than 60 different "special editions". My least favorite version of the 1894. Loaded BB via a loading slot in the barrel, vs. in the receiver. But they do shoot nicely & have real nice wood. I have 2 of them, a regular edition, and a Rocky Mountain Elk edition. BTW, I was told, by a Daisy authorized repairer, that the stock from this version, will not fit the earlier Daisy 1894's. But never tried to fit one, myself. They show up for sale occasionally.

In 1996 Daisy come out with a Buffalo Bill Cody/Cody WY 150/100 year Centennial Edition that had wood stocks & foregrip, with a Buffalo Bill coin embedded in the stock. They planned on making 5,000 of them, but due to problems getting the wood stock, only made 2,500. BBs loaded in received more like the real Winchester. Had plastic receiver and lever like other 1990's, 1894's. Nice gun, shoots well. I have two, #'s 226 & 513. Only flaw in this model was that the plastic foregrip band over the wood foregrip may break from the expansion of the wood. Easy to fix, as plastic bands are readily available. Just need to drill a whole in the band for the foregrip screw. The 1990’s version had a rubber band to allow for expansion. Even though there were only 2,500 made in 1996, they still show up for sale, from time to time. 

Most rare of the wood stocks Daisy 1894's was the version made for the older (pre-1989) model with metal receiver and lever. Have not seen many for sale. In 1980 there was a JC Penny "Stagecoach" version with wood stocks, but very few were sold (supposedly JC Penny pulled them from the shelves shortly after President Reagan was shot in 1981). Also, may have been a version sold by Daisy. With the metal receiver & lever, along with the wood furniture, I feel this is the best version of the Daisy 1894 sold. Hard to find, rarely comes up for resale. JG Airguns had some original Daisy 1894 wood stocks & foregrips for sale around 4-5 years ago, but now long gone. I bought a set and had installed on a Sears Golden Boy. See pic's below.

So, anyone still have a wood stock Daisy 1894 from pre-1989 with metal lever & foregrip, that loads the BBs thru the receiver, or know of any more factory wood stock & foregrips sets? Please feel free to message me at" rel="nofollow - .


Posted By: zipper28
Date Posted: November-24-2022 at 2:50pm

I have one of the early ones lot no 7B 04569, for Feb 1987. The look and feel is just right. These have to be the best version with the wooden stocks. Mine has a dab of red paint on top of the hammer and one on the trigger. Took a lot of looking to find one but definitely worth it. 

Also have a "Winchester" version with the plastic lever lot no 0205 01313 for Feb 2005. Really doesn't have the same quality feel as the other one. Doesn't look as nice either. 

Posted By: BB1Shooter
Date Posted: November-27-2022 at 5:04pm
Thanks Zipper,

If you can, maybe post a couple pictures of the 1987 wood stock 1894.

Posted By: zipper28
Date Posted: November-28-2022 at 11:52am
Here are some pictures of the 1894 with wooden furniture showing where the red paint is." rel="nofollow">" rel="nofollow">" rel="nofollow">" rel="nofollow">

Posted By: BB1Shooter
Date Posted: November-28-2022 at 6:55pm
Real nice gun Zipper. 

BTW, the red on the hammer is a visual warning to show you it is cocked & ready to fire. 

I have the same on my 1990's, 1894's that have the plastic receivers & levers. 

Anyone know where to find one like this?

Also, anyone know where I could get parts for the Winchester (Daisy) 1894? Looking for a rubber forestock band. 

Posted By: twocompassheads
Date Posted: November-28-2022 at 10:47pm
Zipper28,  Do you know the history of this gun?  The reason is Daisy stopped making the model 1894 in 1986 and your date is 7B or your gun is a Feb. 1997 or Feb. of 1977.  If it was produced in 1987 in February, then it had to of been sold sometime later in 1987.  The first run was from 1961 to 1986 then the second run was from 1992 to 1997 with several changes to the gun.  Then the Winchester model 1894 from 2003 to 2009.  Could you post a picture of the Daisy stamp on the gun and the lot number under the barrel with the patent numbers.

Daisy numbering memo sent out to supervisors.  
This register number system continued until an October 26, 1972 memo from Thomas Cisar to All Supervisors defined a new date coded register number system. Effective November 1, 1972, we will begin date coding the Register Number so that the month and year of manufacture will be readily recognizable to anyone knowing the code. The code to be followed is as follows: The first position will be a letter and will indicate the month. The second position will be a number and will indicate the year. The remaining five positions will simply be a consecutive numbering system that starts over again at -00001 on the first of each month and whenever a different model is run in that particular press during any one month. For instance, A300001 would indicate the first gun produced in January, 1973, of that particular model. B300001 would be the first gun of that model produced in February of 1973. The following month code will be applicable:

A January

B February

C March

D April

E May

F June

G July

H August

I Not to be used

J September

K October

L November

M December

Hence, starting in November, 1972, all guns produced in November will be coded L2.

Whenever the same barrel is made on two runs within any one month, it will be necessary to reset the register at the next higher number where the previous run left off. That is, if 30,000 #102 barrels were made during the first week of a month, and subsequently, in the third or fourth week, we needed to run some more #102 barrels, we would reset the register at 30001 and continue.

The gun numbering system was revised circa January 1982 after the previous system had been in use for about 10 years, but no official memo could be found indicating exactly when the change was made. The number indicating the year was put in the first position in the Register number and the Month code in the second position. The nomenclature was also changed from Register Number to Lot Number at some point. The register number or lot number 3KXXXXX would have been made in October 1983.

Lot numbers began on some guns as early as April 1973, but the old Register Nos. continued on the 1938 Red Ryder into at least 1979.

It important that some degree of expertise be applied when decoding register numbers of guns that were made during approximately the 1960s to 1980s timeframe. For example, if you have a No. 25 that has a Register No. A3XXXXX, is that a January 1973 gun or is it one made in the mid-1960s? You can see that some knowledge about other variations of different guns through the years might be necessary to properly date a gun.

In 1988, Daisy used a special numbering system for their 50th Anniversary Red Ryders. These are simply stamped LOT NO. 88XXXXXX The date 88 is followed by a six-digit production code.

Another major change occurred in the 1990s. In a memo dated January 19,1994 from Joe Carr to Distribution a new system was defined for Date Codes on Products.

Beginning today, guns produced with sheet metal outer barrels will be date-coded with the following format:


The first four digits indicate that this product was produced in January 1994. The last five digits are stamped sequentially.

There are still some products, pistols for example, which are still stamped with the old format and as soon as we can work out the details, we will change them over also.

The new date code will be in the same location as the old lot number. (Note the mention of lot number).

Keep On Plinking

Posted By: zipper28
Date Posted: November-29-2022 at 12:12pm
here are those pics. I don't really have any history on the gun. I think I got it from someone on this forum a few years ago.

 Thanks for posting the date code info.  From that I would infer that lot no 7B 04569
would be Feb 1987.  B7 04569 would be Feb 1977 and  0297 04569 would be Feb 1997." rel="nofollow">" rel="nofollow">

Posted By: twocompassheads
Date Posted: November-29-2022 at 3:20pm
Zipper,  Here are a few pictures of the changes that happened in the 1990 guns that came out.  I believe it was due to safety issues and kids not knowing that the gun was loaded, or BBs were still in it they put a slot on the top of the barrel above the feed cylinder and a slot in the cylinder to see the BB. 
   The rear sight is one piece of metal and the plunger spring retainer was wider and tapered.  Also, the switch from Registration numbers to Lot numbers and the Lot numbers were only under the barrel, I have never seen a Lot number on top of the barrel where the Reg. number was and vice versa.
  The model and Daisy stamp on this barrel is a little different than yours, it says Daisy only once but yours says it twice, also yours says the caliber on it.  I'm not familiar with that stamp.
  The Lot number is stamped D809730 and the number 7 did not index all the way when it advanced on the stamping machine.  I think the letter being first or second position determines the 10 year cycle of 80's or 90's on the guns in the lot numbers.  This is the only barrel I have in these pictures, I never liked the change and don't collect these guns with the new changes.  I thought this gun had the receivers on it with the safety instructions on them and this could be from the 90's.  Some of this is the best guess scenario.

Keep On Plinking

Posted By: twocompassheads
Date Posted: November-29-2022 at 4:20pm
Here's the picture from the group above, it has the dropped 7 on the Lot number.

Keep On Plinking

Posted By: twocompassheads
Date Posted: November-29-2022 at 4:47pm
I just noticed something on your gun and the one barrel from above and that it has the Daisy stamping and location I.D. in front of the forearm band and all of my guns have them between the band and the rear sight.  I believe these are from the 92 to 97 production runs.
   This gun pictured is one that had the trigger and hammer with the red paint, and I switched them for ones without.  The modification on the receivers is the cutout so the pin on the trigger will clear the receiver.  The black and gold show the two different receivers.  The receivers are metal and without any instructions printed on them so they would be from the 1961 to 1986 guns.  The red colors carried over into the 1992 to 1997 guns.


Keep On Plinking

Posted By: Harleymarlboroman
Date Posted: October-14-2023 at 9:50am
Is this gun for sale?
Works properly?
Send price and response by texting my phone at 850-420-2701 Thank you.

Thanks, Darryl akaHarleymarlboroman

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