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model 499 peep sight compatibility

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Topic: model 499 peep sight compatibility
Posted By: GPK
Subject: model 499 peep sight compatibility
Date Posted: March-13-2023 at 8:02am
I recently aquired a daisy 499 at an unbelievable price. A 499 not a 499B. Its an Interesting model as it has a very detailed stock made of what appears to be some sort of solid platic,It shows some wear on the rear stock and the lever but over all its in great shape.It however came with no rear Peep sight,I understand Those things are going for 50 dollars on ebay and I paid less then that for this rifle. I had inquired and tried to purchase a rear peep sight from Daisy a couple years ago for a 99 I was rebuilding and was told they were no longer available but they had a newer fully adjustable sight available.Remembering this I ordered the Daisy 5899 sight. The new sight does not fit. The "square" base at the rear,where the sight would sit is just is to big to get it on...and if I did get it on it looks like it would be in contact with the top rear of that stock. they do show a 499B in the instructions which has a very different sight base(almost hour glass shaped)from the square one on mine...Am i missing somehing here? Is there another part i need? Does anyone have some sugestions?

That don`t taste like Ketchup!!!!!!

Posted By: teerex.otw
Date Posted: March-13-2023 at 9:58am
The early 499 had the same sight as the 99/299.
I had to build my own as it was n.l.a. from Daisy and I couldn’t find used.
Shane Bruce (Restomod Daisy) did a video on exactly this…well worth checking out.

Posted By: GPK
Date Posted: March-14-2023 at 7:50am
Thank you,I am well aware of Shane Bruce and I use his videos as a constant reference in my work. I was looking for a permanent solution for the sight as this is really a single shot target rifle and i wanted something better...most places that sell the sight say its compatible with the 499(its not)...i was thinking there was an extra piece or something in the proceedure i was missing...

That don`t taste like Ketchup!!!!!!

Posted By: teerex.otw
Date Posted: March-14-2023 at 5:41pm
Sorry, I thought you were interested in the original-type sight. The 499b definitely has a different mount, as well as a cutout on the top of the stock for clearance.
I did a side-by-side comparison of my 99 and 499b, and this is what I found:
The front sights are approx. the same height, so that wouldn’t be an issue.
Although the rear mounts are different, it may be possible to fab an adapter plate to allow the new sight to work, top stock screw a n sight screw are in same relative positions. You would lose about .050”-.060” at the bottom of adjustment, and would still have to carve out a notch on the stock (no way around that one), and probably have to change some hardware.

Posted By: teerex.otw
Date Posted: March-14-2023 at 5:54pm
I also dug out the 499b manual. While it shows both types of sight bases and has instructions for removing the old-style sight, it makes no mention of how the new sight is supposed to be installed on an old base, and doesn’t say anything about any kind of adapter…This is intriguing, as I would much prefer the new-style on my 99. This may be the basis of yet another experiment (and possibly a future post).

Posted By: cobalt327
Date Posted: March-14-2023 at 7:02pm
They made an adapter to mount a Williams peep sight but good luck finding one- I've seen just this one.

Posted By: teerex.otw
Date Posted: March-14-2023 at 8:00pm
Haven’t seen this before (but with Daisy seems like I’m seeing something new every day !) Probably didn’t make very many, or offer for very long.
At one time I considered adapting a Mossberg S-130 sight to a Ryder, but the sight cost over 3 times what I paid for the gun !

Posted By: teerex.otw
Date Posted: March-14-2023 at 8:08pm
I was just reading over the instructions and saw reference to a model 1498…can’t find anything on it.
Ever seen one, or have any idea what it is (was) ?

Posted By: teerex.otw
Date Posted: March-15-2023 at 4:03am
Ok…It’s possible to adapt a new style sight to the old style mount, I just did it to my 99. The system I came up with consists of 3 pieces, and may end up being 4-pieces. consists of a saddle-like spacer, a narrower mount that goes on top, and a .075” longer screw. Also had to cut a notch in the top of the stock and level the top of the old base.

Posted By: cobalt327
Date Posted: March-15-2023 at 10:11am
Here's one Terry Cowger made for his 95 over at the High Road thread:

Posted By: teerex.otw
Date Posted: March-15-2023 at 8:11pm
The man is an artist, there’s no denying ! … The one on his long rifle is pretty impressive as well. Fantastic job !

Posted By: cobalt327
Date Posted: March-15-2023 at 9:14pm
Since I don't know of a model 1498, I emailed Joe Murfin. His reply: "Mark : I'm stumped.  I just don't know.  Joe."

I'd say it was a carton or call number for a model 98, but that falls apart because the early 98 that used the rear peep/vee flip sight has a sight mounting pad with a ducktail that would have been in the way (the example below is missing the flip sight). The later 98s used a forward-mounted open sight 

Posted By: teerex.otw
Date Posted: March-16-2023 at 12:16am
Yeah, that’s an odd one alright.
The only models I’m aware of that used that style sight are the 99, 299, and early 499.
So I only see 3 possibilities:
A misprint.
A model Daisy designed but never put into production.
Something Daisy built for someone else (Sears, Western Auto, etc.)

Probably never know….

Posted By: Oldgeorge
Date Posted: April-01-2023 at 3:20pm
I make the Plate that go under the 5899 peep sight I am going install it on model 95 .you have cut top of the stock down a little right behind top stock screw . Oldgeorge

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