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Help, what is this Daisy rifle?

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Topic: Help, what is this Daisy rifle?
Posted By: Lobi
Subject: Help, what is this Daisy rifle?
Date Posted: April-27-2023 at 1:55pm
Prototype? What is this rifle?
Only markings, top of receiver says "Standard"
Both sides of receiver say "Pellet King 177 CAL. PELLET RIFLE"
"Daisy" on the aluminum cocking lever
"Load here" just behind cylindrical magazine halfway up the barrel
"Oil here" bottom front of cocking lever
Then the dymo-label stickers.
No other writing. No Rodgers, no China, no patent numbers, no model number, nothing.
Newbie here, trying to figure out how to post pics. Do the pics have to be hosted on a website first?

Posted By: Lobi
Date Posted: April-27-2023 at 2:50pm

Posted By: Lobi
Date Posted: April-27-2023 at 2:51pm

Posted By: teerex.otw
Date Posted: April-27-2023 at 3:32pm
Sounds like you are dealing with one of the “Roto-Clip” models, with “oil here” in front of the trigger guard probably a “wide-body” model (403, 450, 453, 454, possibly others). I’m not sure what the difference was between models, but I think at least one had 99-type target sights.

Posted By: teerex.otw
Date Posted: April-27-2023 at 3:42pm
Looking thru J.G.’s listings, looks like it was the 453 that had target sights, 454 appears to be the only one with a “pistol-grip” type stock.

Posted By: Lobi
Date Posted: April-27-2023 at 6:14pm

I'm to old for this lol
Imgur not working for me

Posted By: Lobi
Date Posted: April-27-2023 at 6:15pm

Posted By: Lobi
Date Posted: April-27-2023 at 6:33pm
Close up from breech end, further out from muzzle end
Is the magazine in backwards? It doesn't come out, I didn't force it. Why would this gun be devoid if all writing like model number, where built, patent numbers etc?

Posted By: cobalt327
Date Posted: May-01-2023 at 3:27pm
New one on me! Here are a few thoughts:

On the 450, which it somewhat resembles, the magazine is removable and there's a sliding lock in front of the magazine. The gun in question seems to not be so equipped. If I had to hazard a guess, I'd say the mag is captive and rotates without needing to be removed for loading. I'm basing that by how the empty hole in the mag is exposed (for loading, I would think) at one point. I'd expect there to be tactile/audible detents as the mag was rotated to indicate when the mag was properly aligned to shoot a pellet.

I don't see a slider to unlock the safety on the right side of the receiver like would be expected if it was equipped with an automatic safety like the 450 and other Daisy guns used during that era. I also don't know why it's called "Standard" when it's anything but.

The rear sight mount is for a steel peep sight like was used on the 99 and early 499/499B guns. It wouldn't surprise me to see the front sight was a globe sight like used on the 99 and 499s.

But I have no idea why no markings other than what it has. There's obviously a tie-in with the NRA, and the wood and finish is outstanding compared to a "regular" model 450 so maybe it was a limited production gun that was given as an award of some sort, but that's just a WAG.

Posted By: cobalt327
Date Posted: May-03-2023 at 11:06am
Lobi, any chance you could re check the barrel shroud carefully for a REG. or LOT NO? It may be faint, some guns weren't stamped very deeply and the paint can hide it, but it still should be visible. There's also a slight chance the number is under the forearm. The number will likely begin with the letter "A".

Barring a usable number, the gun could be assumed to have been made very close to the 1971 NRA Centennial date. The model 450 wide frame Daisy pellet gun was made between about 1971 and 1976.

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