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Daisy Model 95 Timberwolf

Printed From: Daisy Museum
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Printed Date: September-27-2023 at 9:39pm
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Topic: Daisy Model 95 Timberwolf
Posted By: willielumplump
Subject: Daisy Model 95 Timberwolf
Date Posted: June-14-2009 at 8:31pm

The Daisy Museum recently offered up a warehouse find of 31 of the Model 95 Timberwolf rifles.  I was able to purchase some of them at $, a very reasonable price when you consider that they last appeared in a Daisy catalog in 2002. 

Coincidentally I stumbled across a 7 year old ad that priced them at $38.95.  Then today, 14Jun09, I was roaming the GunBroker site (item 130984784) and noticed a Timberwolf, nearly perfect in the box and was able to pick it up for $26 + shipping.  I bid only $1.00 more than the first bid and surprisingly no one joined in; I was startled at the lack of response but was happy about it because I really didn't want to break open a new box.  (Am I catching collector's itch?}

There is just no figuring out what direction a specific product is going to take.

I try to correlate what causes a seller to post an item as a low ball item; I checked the seller's other auctions, 1050  items, most of them  military parafanailia with only two air guns listed. Other sellers that deal mosly with powder firearms also give short shift to air guns, it seems that they just want to get rid of them in a hurry.

I realize that many great finds are discoverd at flea markets or yard sales but around these parts in the Boston area you don't find  BB guns and if you do it would usually be in a estate sale or a gun shop.

It seems like the Mid-West, West and South are the centers of BB gun activity, and Pennsylvania and New York on the East coast. The folks at Daisy would have the demographics of where most of the sales take place for new items.

Is this interesting or am I wasting my time?

Semper Fi

Posted By: willielumplump
Date Posted: June-27-2009 at 6:50am

I guess I am replying to my own previous post but I noticed what I think is very different about the Daisy Model 95B Timberwolf.  The specimen I received today, mentioned in my original post has stamped on the barrel the following message:

"WARNING: Misuse may cause serious injury particularly to the eye.  For use by ages 10 and older with adult supervision."  Given that I am a Newbie with limited exposure to many of the Daisy product line, my question is:

Is this a unusual notice to actually be stamped on the barrel of a Daisy BB gun?


I know this warning is printed on some boxes and in the literature, but have not yet seen it on any of the actual guns/rifles.

Additionally there are stamped step by step instructions on how to load and fire the gun; that isn't so different from some other models.

I also noticed that when the Museum posted the advertisement for the warehouse find of 31 units the indication was that the items were Model 95's.  Were there two variants of the Timberwolf, or was that just an oversight when putting up the ad as Model 95 in lieu of Model 95B?

The reason for the above question is that on my used-like new specimen is stamped  Model 95B Timberwolf; it also is equipped with a safety device.

Semper Fi

Posted By: Aprilseahorse
Date Posted: July-24-2009 at 6:41am
I have had more time then money lately. So I have had lots of time to look around the net and learn some of the Daisys. I would love to have a Timberwolf but I have found them hard to find. I live near Peoria Il. and even yard sales, you just do not see any bb guns.  I have seen a lot of targeteers in the antique shops at way to high of price for the shape they are in.  And on places like you see the starting bids are just to high and you see most of the same guns over and over.I think I seen the Timberwolf you bid on. It has been the only one I have seen and the box was just not is as good as shape as I would of liked. You did get a good deal on it. I know if I had bid on it, it would have went higher then I could afford after you throw in shipping.
  As for the warnings on the gun, you can thank the B.S. law suits aimed at shutting down the gun industry and Daisy is a target. They had to settle the last case with lots of this stuff. I applaud Daisy for there attempt to please them.       


Posted By: Pappy
Date Posted: January-10-2013 at 11:04am
Did you ever find rourself a Daisy Timberwolf?

Posted By: willielumplump
Date Posted: January-10-2013 at 7:15pm

That post is about two years old.

Semper Fi

Posted By: willielumplump
Date Posted: April-03-2015 at 8:59pm
This topic is SIX years old; I have been holding the two NEW OLD stock
Timberwolf Model 95s in my attic, time to put them on the market.

The Dais shipping cartons have remained unopened, they are as I received them.

Anyone interested in a brand new 1999 era Model 95B Timberwolf?



Semper Fi

Posted By:
Date Posted: September-26-2016 at 1:06am
I know it's been a long time since you posted that but if you still have a daisy timberwolf I'd love to buy it, used or new. Thanks

Posted By:
Date Posted: September-26-2016 at 1:07am

Posted By: willielumplump
Date Posted: September-27-2016 at 9:12pm
Sorry, but they are long gone.

Semper Fi

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