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daisy model 102

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Printed Date: November-14-2019 at 12:12pm
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Topic: daisy model 102
Posted By: boyesreef
Subject: daisy model 102
Date Posted: November-06-2010 at 10:37am
i have a vintage daisy model 102 bb gun that ive had since i was a small child. it is a painted one with a plastic butt. the gun will cock and fire, but nothing comes out of the barrel, including air when empty. is there a fix for this, or is my favorite toy retired? it sounds the same as it ever has, just no shooting. i want to pass this down to my daughter fairly soon so she can be the third generation to own this gun, but i cant if it doesnt work. any help is appreciated!

Posted By: bilbobaggins
Date Posted: November-07-2010 at 5:26am

Pull the shot tube, pour a little 30 wt oil or 3-in-one oil down the barrel. Let stand on the butt overnight. In the morning screw the shot tube back in and dry fire the gun a few times to get the excess oil out. The gun should shoot just fine providing there is nothing else wrong with it.


Posted By: acmebeer
Date Posted: November-07-2010 at 5:48am
Hello. When was the last time that you know of that the gun worked? You can take the shot tube out and put five to ten drops of 20w motor oil down the barrel and let it set upright for about eight hours and see if that helps. But, it sounds like to me you have a broken tupe on the plunger assy.
You can look down the barrel with the shot tube out with a flashlight calk, the gun and see if the tube retracks, if it does'nt, the tube is broken and the assembly needs to be replaced. Be carefull!
When you pull the trigger make sure you point the gun away from anyone or anything. I have done this myself and the broken tube came flying out!
Hope this helps. If you need any info on repair, let me know. It is an easy fix.

Posted By: Tbird
Date Posted: November-07-2010 at 12:11pm
I have a model 25 that acted the same way and like acmebeer mentioned my shot tube on the end of the piston was broken. Mine was sitting inside of the barrel tube. I replaced the whole piston/shot tube assy since I already had it apart.

Posted By: boyesreef
Date Posted: November-07-2010 at 7:09pm
how would i get to the parts mentioned? ive never had the gun apart. is it simple to do?

Posted By: boyesreef
Date Posted: November-07-2010 at 7:10pm
the gun slowely lost power then stopped firing in 2005, it has sat in the basement ever since. never was oiled as far back as i know.

Posted By: Tbird
Date Posted: November-08-2010 at 5:19am

If it slowly lost power like you said then that sounds like a good oiling should bring it back to life.

Posted By: boyesreef
Date Posted: November-08-2010 at 9:03am
how hard is it to oil? ive put some oil down the oil hole, and let it sit, but that got me nowhere.

Posted By: acmebeer
Date Posted: November-08-2010 at 10:17am
You should take the shot tube out and put a few drops (5 to 10) of motor oil down the barrel. I stated 20w earlier, but you should use 30w. Let it set a few hrs. then try it. If you need parts, you should be able to get them from Bryan & Associates. -   or you can call them at 864-261-6810.
Hope this helps.

Posted By: boyesreef
Date Posted: November-08-2010 at 11:01am
how do you take out a shot tube? can i just put a few drops down the barrel as is without dismantling the rifle?

Posted By: acmebeer
Date Posted: November-08-2010 at 12:34pm
The shot tube unscrews and you pull it out. (counter clockwise). You can put oil down the shot tube, but it would be more efective if you took the shot tube out. If you decide to take out the shot tube. Look down the barrel and see if the plunger tube moves up and down when you try and caulk the gun. I will see if I can find an exploded view of the gun so you can see what the internal parts look like.

Posted By: boyesreef
Date Posted: November-09-2010 at 3:57am

ok, unscrewed the end of the barrel and looked down the barrel and there was a bb stuck in it. got bb out and still didnt work. i didnt use 30W, but i did have some air compressor tool oil so i used that. put oil down the barrel tube of gun and moved cocking handle. the plunger does indeed move. so i made sure to oil everything and slipped the gun back together. ill see what if anything it does before i leave for work at 4 today.

Posted By: Tbird
Date Posted: November-09-2010 at 4:59am

I don't think air tool oil will work (It's to thin and not slippery enough) 30w oil is the best. I normally put a few squirts of oil down the barrel and let it stand upright (butt side down) over night. You will probably have oil leaking out of the gun so set the gun in something that the oil can drip into (a box with a bunch of rags in it) then wipe the gun off afterwards. try shooting it then and see what happens. You said a BB was stuck in it, where was the BB stuck at?

Posted By: boyesreef
Date Posted: November-09-2010 at 5:18am
the bb was in the shot tube. about 1 inch from the beginning of the tube. it was stuck too good to fall out, but offered little resistance when pushed out by a wooden dowel. i think it was pushed out by what little air came out on its last shot and sat there for 5 years. ill go out to the garage and grab some 30W and let sit. its in the same room as the wood burning stove, so maybe it will thin the oil and allow it to flow where it needs to go.

Posted By: Tbird
Date Posted: November-09-2010 at 5:21am
sounds good....let us know if it works or not. 

Posted By: boyesreef
Date Posted: November-09-2010 at 5:37am
i will let you guys know if it works first. i hope it does, ive had this gun for at least 20 years.

Posted By: boyesreef
Date Posted: November-09-2010 at 8:09am

well, i poured oil into the barrel with the shot tube out, let it sit by  the fire for a while. put it back together and nothing. wouldn't even blow air. for the heck of it i decided to throw some BBs in there and see what happens. nothing. so i fired it a few times and it made a metallic "POP" so i got a little worried. tried it one more time and the BB rolled out of the end of the barrel. next time it came out about six inches, then about eight feet, then across the yard, then across the street. i forgot how much power this rifle has. it out-shoots my model 95 daisy by quite a bit. more accurate too.

Posted By: boyesreef
Date Posted: November-09-2010 at 8:22am
does anyone know when they put the daisy no. 102 model 36 out of production?

Posted By: acmebeer
Date Posted: November-09-2010 at 8:22am
Sounds like, problem solved!
Have fun!

Posted By: boyesreef
Date Posted: November-09-2010 at 8:57am
now i just need to figure out when this thing was made. all i can find is with the plastic stock, that makes it 1952 or older. but i dont know when the end production is.

Posted By: Tbird
Date Posted: November-10-2010 at 6:23am

Try to contact Gary Garber (DaisyBBgunner) from this board. If you give him the Register Number off your gun he should be able to give you the date your gun was made.  Here's his Email address:

Posted By: stevec
Date Posted: November-10-2010 at 7:41am
From what I read in Garys book it was 1936-58 at Plymouth and 1958-78 at Rogers

Posted By: boyesreef
Date Posted: November-10-2010 at 1:30pm
according to gary, the gun was made April 28, 1971. thanks again gary, if you see this.

Posted By: buzzkc
Date Posted: April-08-2019 at 10:54pm
I know this is an old thread, but was having the same issue with my old 102. The tube did move when cocked, so left some 30w in it overnight and it's working good as new again. Thank you!

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