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J.C. Higgins made by Daisy

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Topic: J.C. Higgins made by Daisy
Posted By: Doublemeat
Subject: J.C. Higgins made by Daisy
Date Posted: February-20-2011 at 8:50pm
Hello Everyone,
I have an odd one... it's a J.C. Higgins Cactus Carbine (I think).
Close as I can tell, it is much like a Daisy Model 80.
It belonged to my late cousin who was much older than I.
I believe it was purchased at Sears.  Probably from the 50's.
It has:
Champagne colored metalic paint (original)
'Blonde' fake woodgrain buttstock and forestock
Aluminum forestock ring
Aluminum lever/stamped steel trigger
There is a welded bracket that is threaded for forestock attachment.
There were some gold decals on the receiver (like fake engraving) but is mostly worn off but parts of it are still visible.
To load it, you turn the end of the barrel and open a loading window then close it.
The stock has the "Shooters Safety Oath" on it.
Anyone know what it is worth?  Hard to find any info on it.
It's in pretty good original shape and shoots very strong.  A little surface rust on the bottom of the barrel (paint is flaking off) and the forestock looks warped.  My cousin apparently put an eye hook in the stock so he could tie a string from the front band to the stock for a home-made sling.  I took the eye hook out (small hole in stock now)
Amazingly, the little thing is SPOT-ON accurate.  I can hit a soda can 10/10 at about 30 feet.
(...and the BB's make holes in the can!)
I'd sell it if it was worth anything.
Any info or value info would be appreciated!

Posted By: Doublemeat
Date Posted: February-20-2011 at 8:53pm
Oh, and to add to the above description...
I forgot to say that both stocks are PLASTIC.

Posted By: stevec
Date Posted: February-21-2011 at 2:40am
Hey doublemeat
Check the rifle real good for a model number.Most of the Sears rifle model numbers started with 799.The rifle dosen't sound like a Cactus Carbine.I think the eye hook came with the rifle as Daisy used them alot.The J.C Higgins Cactus Carbines and the Westerners came with painted black frames and either black or brown plastic forarms and stocks. According to Garys book,Encyclopedia of Daisy Guns,there were three models of the Cactus carbine and one of the Westerner

Posted By: Doublemeat
Date Posted: February-21-2011 at 4:52am
Thanks Steve.
Yes, there is a model number, I should have included it in the original post
but was too lazy to run down and get it from the basement.
Model No. 799.19200
J.C. Higgins AIR RIFLE
REG. No.G774157  PAT No. 2,758,586
I guess the color of the paint is more of a metalic brown than a metalic champagne.
It looks different in sunlight vs. flouresent light.
It also has some scroll work and 3 stars on the lever cast right in.
Am I correct that it is like a Daisy Model 80?
What is it worth?
Glad I saved that screw in eye hook~!

Posted By: willielumplump
Date Posted: February-21-2011 at 11:07am
I will try to amplify Steve's comments, but it would be nice to know if your gun was made in Plymouth, Michigan or Rogers, Arkansas.  I suspect that it is a Rogers, Ark gun because it has a  Registration Number; the J. C. Higgins Cactus Carbines mfg at Plymouth do not have Registration Numbers.  If made in Rogers, Ark then your gun dates after April, 1958, and it sounds like it resembles a Daisy Model 111.
I have 3 J. C. Higgins Cactus Carbines; one is a Model 799-2029, the other 2 are Model 799-2030, but the -2030s are of two different variations, with one having 2 patent numbers and the other has four, and both indicate 'other patents applied for.' so you can see what you are up against in trying to track that baby down, however your Register Number will be a saving grace.
The -2029 has a V-notched screw adj rear sight and the front sight is the low profile style; the -2030's have the combination peep & V-notched flip rear sight, and they have the fake silver hammers on the stock, with ramp style front sight blade.  The markings on the cocking lever seem identical to what I have. ie., 3 stars within fancy scroll work.
As an aside, one of the Model 799-2030s was customized by being painted a beautiful gray, it was used as a display model in a Daisy Nuts store front.  I don't shoot this one but once or twice a year, it's too prettyConfused.
I looked in the Blue Book of Airguns, 8th  Edition, 2010, in the store brand cross-over list which references 'private label' stuff back to Daisy models but your model number isn't listed, but neither are mine.
Depending on condition, your gun might be valued between $15 and $35; private label Daisy air guns do not seem to have vintage value compared to Daisy labled guns.
Abnd yes, these models are a lot of fun to shoot because they are accurate and hard hitting, and you could do as well at 40 feet.  So why not keep that gem?  Become a Daisy Nut!!!
Good luck.

Semper Fi

Posted By: stevec
Date Posted: February-21-2011 at 12:08pm
Hey doublemeat
Look at the model number again,you might need a mag glass.The numbers don't seem to be right

Posted By: stevec
Date Posted: February-21-2011 at 12:14pm

Hey Doublemeat

If you can send me a picture to -   I can tell you alot more if I had a picture

Posted By: Doublemeat
Date Posted: February-21-2011 at 1:13pm


Dont need a magnifying glass... text in the stampings is clear as newspaper print.
I double checked the info on mine and the numbers from the prior post are spot on correct.
Anyway, here is one just like it.  My stocks are faded, perhaps, to a lighter color.
If what this guy says is true, it came from Sears, is from the late 60's and it sold for $35.
Therefore, my original question of "what's it worth" apparently is about $35.00
Check this link in lieu of me sending photos.  Mine is exactly like this but stocks are faded.
The one in the auction has an "F" serial number, and mine has a "G". -

Posted By: Doublemeat
Date Posted: February-21-2011 at 1:20pm

Steve & Willie,

Thanks for all the help!  Still not sure what model it is though...
Is it considered a "Cactus Carbine"?

Posted By: willielumplump
Date Posted: February-21-2011 at 3:09pm
I think it could easily be classified as a Cactus Carbine due to the silk screen image of the crouched cowboy w/carbine; it definitely looks like a Daisy Model 111.  These are sturdy little BB guns and as you have discovered, fun to shoot.
I feel comfortable with the dollar valuatrion that I renderedWink  but what I would like to know next is where was the gun manufactured; I couldn't see anything on the AuctionArmsk web page on the 'sample' you gave us; that was a smart looking specimen and the buyer got a good deal as did the seller.Clap
Dave Albert and Gary Garber wrote a desertation on Daisy Gun Regisgter and Lot Numbers, but I have not been able to put it to any practical use because it totally confuses me.  The only area where I think I kinow what I am talking about is the designation of the months of manufacture which was adopted effective November 1,  1972, but the original regisster numbering system began November, 1952
 You would have to really dedicate yourself to long kterm stuidying in order to understand the various numbering schemes that Daisy used over the years.
 I will hazard a guess and say that your gun was mfg July, 1967 or 1977Confused but that is very highly speculative.Ouch

Semper Fi

Posted By: Doublemeat
Date Posted: February-21-2011 at 5:46pm
You were "right on the money" with your value estimate.
The one in the auction (link above) sold for $35, and you said $15-$35.
Based on the fact that I know the history of my PARTICULAR carbine,
I am going to say 1967.  I also got some more info about it today, from my mother.
Turns out it didnt belong to my late cousin... his father (my late uncle) purchased it.
It seems that they had, in there very old home, for a period of time, a bat infestation problem.
He wanted something to pick 'em off in the attic, without blowing a hole in the house.
The only other gun he ever had was a 12ga double barrel (which would sort of let more bats INTO the house... Big smile)
Story goes, he used to go up in the attic with the carbine and a flashlight and take care of business, by wounding them, then picking them up with a gloved hand and putting them in a bucket of soapy water.  They couldnt afford an exterminator, so the $5.95 J.C. Higgins cactus carbine from the local Sears & Roebuck, a tube of BB's, a flashlight, and my uncle's courage seemed like an economical solution to the problem.
Addtionally, I always thought my aunt played tennis, because there was always a tennis
racket in the back bedroom.  The tennis racket was also for the bats if they came downstairs.
All this was when I was a little shaver, which would be in the mid-60's.
I've always admired the ingenuity of farmers... low cost solutions to large problems!

Posted By: Doublemeat
Date Posted: February-21-2011 at 5:50pm

Oh, yea, forgot to say:

Will probably not sell it after all...  now that I know the BAT story!

Posted By: stevec
Date Posted: February-22-2011 at 3:32am
Hey doublemeat
That was a good story.The olny thing I can add is it isn't in the class of the 111 or Cactus carbines as they were lightning loaders and yours isn't.I know the guy that sold the one like yours and he knows alot about the Daisys and if there was more to know about it he would have put it in his description of the rifle.Either way you got a neat little rifle

Posted By: Doublemeat
Date Posted: February-22-2011 at 5:05am
I think I agree with you about not being a 111.  My Higgins is more like a model 80.
Check this auction below for a photo of a model 80 on Aucitonarms: -
Then look at the Higgins that is just like mine: -
And here is a 111: -
The only diff beteen the two is that the model 80 has a proper looking sling swivel (and not a cheap screw in eye hook) and it is a different color.  It also has the same sights, but looks like the 80 rear is adjustable (mine is fixed).  Plastic stocks / forestock ring are the same, has an attaching screw for the forestock, and has the same kind of loading port.
The 111-40 has wood stocks, a carbine ring on the receiver and has the magazine tube (lightning loader as Stevec mentioned) below the barrel.  Mine does not have these things.  Also, the owner of the 111-40 states that the forearm stock ring was added.
So, I concur with you Steve, not a 111 but I think MOST like (and perhaps not exactly) a model 80.
Aside from these features though, they are quite simular in size and shape.
Again, I thank you guys both Stevec and Willie for helping me solve my mystery!
It was alot of fun poking around on the internet and getting good information for a change, and meeting some nice folks!
This is a fun forum!  One of the best! Tongue 
Perhaps I will become a full fledged "Daisy Nut"!

Posted By: Tbird
Date Posted: February-22-2011 at 7:45am
Originally posted by Doublemeat Doublemeat wrote:

And here is a 111: -
The 111-40 has wood stocks, a carbine ring on the receiver and has the magazine tube (lightning loader as Stevec mentioned) below the barrel.  Mine does not have these things.  Also, the owner of the 111-40 states that the forearm stock ring was added.
So, I concur with you Steve, not a 111 but I think MOST like (and perhaps not exactly) a model 80.
Aside from these features though, they are quite simular in size and shape.
Hi Doublemeat.....Hey I think the model 111 that stevec was talking about is actually a Daisy Model 111 and the one that you are talking about is the Daisy Model 40 No. 111. Not really a big deal, I just wanted to clarify that. (had to add my two cents to this I have to agree that what you have is a nice gun and with a story like that attached to it I would never sell it, especially for $35. 

Posted By: willielumplump
Date Posted: February-22-2011 at 8:51pm
Originally posted by Doublemeat Doublemeat wrote:

Oh, yea, forgot to say:

 Will probably not sell it after all...  now that I know the BAT story!
That is a great ending to this thread!  That piece of Americana will probably remain in your family as long as there is someone to pass it on to;  you might want to print out this thread and keep it close to that gun, because it is a really neat history and brings out the humanity in an otherwise callus world.
There are many times when I speculate about the history of a new purchase, and wonder if the original owner got as much of a charge as I do when I unwrap the thing and fire some shots at a tin can or empty cardboard toilet paper roll  (man, they go flying!).

Semper Fi

Posted By: mellowmann1951
Date Posted: December-25-2015 at 5:51pm
Have the same.  got it as a kid in 1958 or 1959. same brand name, same model name, same model number.  It came from Santa Clause so I didn't ask any questions but he may have gotten it from Eatons or Simpson-Sears in Saskatoon, Sask, Canada

Posted By: the fuse
Date Posted: December-26-2015 at 4:07pm
I never messed with Santa either. He almost always got it right. When he didn't....discretion is the better part of valor. He brung me a dehydrator this year. Already made a batch of jerky and got some pineapple drying in it right now. Thanks Santa.

All I'm for is the liberty of the individual.

Posted By: Bavaria55n
Date Posted: December-26-2015 at 5:32pm
A friend of mine just bought a Ccatus Carbine with the brand in the plastic stock but the stock and fore end are black. All of the other branded ones I have seen are the light brown/yellow like a golden Eagle. It is almost like new. Wish I had run across it first.

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