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Daisy 100 Model 38

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Topic: Daisy 100 Model 38
Posted By: Rusty
Subject: Daisy 100 Model 38
Date Posted: February-17-2005 at 1:04pm
A friend has a Daisy 100 Model 38 and we are trying to negotiate a price... anyone know what it is worth? I haven't seen one in auctions. BB Gun has a light coat of rust, no pitting, wood stock is in good shape , no cracks or major scratches. It cocks and shoots, ok. Any ideas?

Posted By: pinball-1
Date Posted: February-17-2005 at 2:36pm
where was it made? Plymouth MI or Rogers AR?

Posted By: Rusty
Date Posted: February-17-2005 at 2:51pm

Hey pinball-1

It's very old...Plymouth Mi. break down barrell. I think 38 may indicate date of mfg.

Posted By: Rusty
Date Posted: February-17-2005 at 2:56pm

Hey Pinball-1

I just went to Daisy looks like a later version of the 20th Century 1901. Thanks for your help


Posted By: pinball-1
Date Posted: February-17-2005 at 5:05pm
Oh crap, I saw one on Auction Arms sell awhile ago and I dont have the link anymore, I just went through my favorites and deleted all the old ones. If I remember correctly I think is was at $170-ish in about 95% condition. Cant gurantee it but thats what I think it was at. Hope you can get a good deal!

Posted By: Rusty
Date Posted: February-18-2005 at 12:12am

Thanks Pinball-1

 All I need is another air gun.. but you know how this hobby is. I don't have one like this one and this looks too good to pass up. I have more guns than clothes in my closet...guess I'll just find a new place for the clothes. Thanks again


Posted By: pinball-1
Date Posted: February-18-2005 at 6:00am

Here is the link to the auction, it was on ebay not auctionarms, - tem=5954343982&ssPageName=STRK:MEWA:IT  Sold for $200 something, but I bought mine for $45 and there is one at a local antique mall for $100. I think this one just went for a ton of money. You stuff your guns in your closet too? I do the same thing, but I have ran out of room. Now I have some of them in a gun case that I built, but I still have a bunch laying on the floor.

Good luck!

Posted By: stevec
Date Posted: February-19-2005 at 1:31am


There are two of these up for auction on gunbrokers


Posted By: Rusty
Date Posted: February-21-2005 at 2:38pm


I'm a closet stuffer, behind the bedroom door stuffer and under the bed. Two corners in the den and a garage for parts. I just keep piling up  thinking one day I'll sell something...I doubt it! I need to do something but I enjoy the hobby. I have a 1960 Corvette I store empty shipping boxes in. I won't get rid of just in case I need to ship one off. Stevec I saw the one on's just like my buddys. He's got dollar marks in his eyes now. He thinks he'll get $300 for it. I told him he would have to buy a computer, learn how to use it and then sell it. He's gonna put it in the Tennessean...(Newspaper) Later

Posted By: stevec
Date Posted: February-21-2005 at 9:41pm

Hey Rusty

I doubt he will get that for it.The best prices do come from the net.Prices off the net go alot lower


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