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Model 200 POWER LINE Pistol

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Topic: Model 200 POWER LINE Pistol
Posted By: Bill
Subject: Model 200 POWER LINE Pistol
Date Posted: April-19-2005 at 5:28pm

Wondering about the age of this gun and how to repair, as CO2 escapes when inserted.    

Like new in original box and thinking of selling, value?


Posted By: pinball-1
Date Posted: April-20-2005 at 10:15am

Check the auction sites. But I bought mine in mint in the box for $25. The Co2 leakage is a very common problem as there were no seals on the Daisy 200. Its hard to find one these days that dosent leak.

Posted By: mannyfresh
Date Posted: April-28-2005 at 4:41pm
please call manny 630-926-9347 i would like to bu the powerline 200 pellet repeater 35 shot pistol.

Posted By: semiautopellet
Date Posted: November-04-2005 at 11:54am

Bill, are we talking about the CO2 200? My browser wouldn't let me see pic. That pistol dates from about 1960 to 1970. If that's the score, hope you held onto it cuz it's a sweet gun when it works--lightest trigger I've EVER pulled on any air pistol, high velocity and accurate for a BB gun. As is, yours might have some sentimental value for a crazy collector, or more practical value as a "parts gun" to a tweaker like me. If you still have it and tell me exactly how it blows gas, I'll start the bidding at $20.

Got one that works and a second one ready to rebuild, would love to have a third. Second one was dad's, I shot the life out of it and finally had to dissect it. Figured out how it worked and where cleaned-up parts should go, but mechanically couldn't get the thing back together without deforming a certain spring or shearing a certain pin clip. Needed spare parts, so I got ahold of a Daisy technician who referred me to this nice old guy Jim Copelen, who'd fixed these pistols for Daisy back in the seventies. Sent him $100, got back a working pistol in original box, baggie full of rebuild parts, and some good advice.

Sometimes leaks are easy fix. Depends on exactly how & where cart blows, if trigger engages sear elevator or not, if gun fires once or more on its own, etc.

Pinball-1 isn't quite correct about the seals: The front and rear valve seals are some kind of clear thin membrane, and they sure ain't neoprene or delrin or urethane. They're sandwiched between plastic bushings, which are compressed by opposing springs inside the valve. The valve itself is a weird pressure-balancing design that's super-gas-efficient and one of a kind, far as I know. Confused yet? They sure don't make 'em like they used to.

Best advice is lubricate with naphtha--that's lighter fluid. First, behind trigger there's an arrow pointing to vertical bar above. Lube it & rest of vertical bolt generously. Second, pull loading latch forward and work bolt up and down gently with the trigger or fingernail. Three, before cracking a cart, put a drop on end of neck seal and a drop on piercing pin. That lubes valve seals. Mr. Copelen said if this simple step had been included in instructions we'd have a lot more working CO2 200s today.

Anyways, if I'm barking up the wrong tree, what's this Powerline 200 I've never heard of? 35-shot capacity? Got any other antique airguns? I've a 1960-something Montgomery Ward's .22 pump pistol in need of a new pop-off valve cup seal, maybe a new nylon or delrin pump check valve, etc.

Please recycle all tin, aluminum and glass. Refill 20 oz. tank, reload, repeat.

Posted By: pinball-1
Date Posted: November-04-2005 at 1:09pm
The Powerline 200, I believe, is the newer version, as Daisy started to call most of their guns powerline something or others. semiautopellet: so there are seals on this gun? Are they original? On the box it clearly states "no o-rings needed". Did you add these to make it work or what? I'm confused, sorry.

Posted By: dnoell
Date Posted: November-25-2005 at 4:12pm
Hey SemiAutoPellet I did enjoy all your comments on the CO2 200 as to light trigger pull etc. , as I also have appreciated all of that for many years.  I bought one new about 1970, and have looked for another pistol with the trigger quality of that one, and never found one.  The Daisy designer did well on that one.  I always thought that the gun was too good for the average young kid that was probably going to shoot BB's in all directions with rapid fire, so Daisy seemed to go to the cock and shoot variety of pistol.  Many years ago I wrote Daisy a complementary letter on that pistol.  I guess they thought I was a nut.  I really learned to shoot accurately with that pistol.  Mine leaks now also.  The seal info you gave is appreciated. WJ_DoneLoading();

Posted By: coolride0
Date Posted: November-30-2005 at 1:49pm
i have a 200 in pieces will ship to the first person with $25

thanks bryant

Posted By: ThomCrypto
Date Posted: January-26-2006 at 12:34pm
I just got a daisy powerline 200 pistol from my dad...just the gun. How does one load the CO2 into it?
Thanks to an email from pinball-1 I discovered the secret! Thanks!

Posted By: smitty
Date Posted: January-29-2006 at 11:59am
I was given a co2 200 recently. The gun is in very nice condition but it also leaks. I would like to get an owners manual for it that would hopefully show how to break it down, any ideas?

Posted By: pinball-1
Date Posted: January-29-2006 at 3:33pm

Contact Daisy for a manual, they should be able to help.


Posted By: odyssey1231
Date Posted: December-08-2006 at 4:41am
Originally posted by pinball-1 pinball-1 wrote:

The Powerline 200, I believe, is the newer version, as Daisy started to call most of their guns powerline something or others. semiautopellet: so there are seals on this gun? Are they original? On the box it clearly states "no o-rings needed". Did you add these to make it work or what? I'm confused, sorry.


Posted By: Wide Body
Date Posted: September-15-2009 at 2:06pm
Just a thought on Daisy 200 Power Line Pistol!  I bought one at a show (in the last three days) for $25.00 and it was not working.  When the puncture seat was removed from the action, the washer inside looked somewhat crushed from the cylinder pressure.  It looks like a teflon material so I turned it around to re-install it in the seat..  Before that I took a scribe and punched a hole in a piece of 3M electrical tape.  The size was made as close as possible using scissors to cut the tape while it was on the scribe.  Removed the cut piece and the washer was placed on the scribe behind the tape.  Just push the scribe through the hole in the puncture seat and slide the tape as low as you can and then push the washer into the hole covering the tape (with sticky side hitting the base of the puncture seat).  This stopped all leaking and I am on to another problem with the elevator sticking out after firing around 30 or so rounds.
If I release the gas pressue the elevator moves and I am back in business but wasting almost all my gas cylinder to do that. The Naptha works very well so thanks for that info.
The elevator spring was totally de-formed but repaired as best I could.  To get the spring in place I Just used a piece of paper rolled to half round and slid the paper over the spring while putting the action in the housing.  It worked but I am thinking the spring is not correct for tension on the elevator.  It was really destoyed from previous disassemblies ( I am assuming).
The piece that slides over the barrel seems like a BB stop but I do not know yet why it has a hole in it.  There could be some part missing that I never observed. 
Thanks again for the lighter fluid tip.

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