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Daisy 894 Cork Gun

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Topic: Daisy 894 Cork Gun
Posted By: DannoP
Subject: Daisy 894 Cork Gun
Date Posted: August-01-2015 at 10:21pm
Hi Daisy folks , has anyone know anything about these , I got one awhile back in great shape , picked up some 1/2" cork balls , loaded it up and ....jammed , took it all apart ( not that much fun ) and found a wooden ball stuck in the rear of the barrel , got it out and loaded it up again and ....jammed again , got it out , the gun seems to feed right , work right and makes a loud crack noise but just won't shoot those corks and seems to not build up enough pressure to shoot them even if I muzzle load them , I have to assume that it suffers from the same problem as the 1894's with the tapered barrel housings , just looking for advise and if anyone knows a ball park value for this gun in great shape but as far as I know doesn't shoot , thanks for any insight .

Posted By: DannoP
Date Posted: August-05-2015 at 8:10am
Well I did the oil treatment on this and still no power yet - any idea's and I have someone interested in trading or buying it and looking for any information on a good price - thanks .

Posted By: trekman
Date Posted: September-27-2015 at 5:20pm
I have the same rifle and tried to shoot 1/2" cork balls and had the same problem with jamming.  I think it shoots balls that are slightly smaller then 1/2' Being that cork balls from Daisy for this rifle do not exist the only thing to do is shoot it with out any ammo. 
I happen to find a closed auction where an identical rifle sold for $86.00  It had 6 bids and the auction started at $75.00  The description said it may or may not shoot because of not having any cork balls. 
This is the only value info I could find in my search.     


Posted By: DannoP
Date Posted: September-28-2015 at 11:09am
Hi Trekman , sorry in so long in thanking you for the information , I lost count of this thread , good advise , I even put a cork ball down the muzzle and still no pop , think it needs a new seal , it sounds like I paid too much for the gun but it is pretty cool none the less and if anyone needs corks I got mine from Widgetco , they work great in the model 25 and the Target Master 177 with the cork shot tube - fit perfect , I have someone whom is very good at re-building the 1894's so I think I will trade him , I just am not one to have things around for looks - they need to shoot and I am wise enough to know my limitations on re-building guns like these , thanks again for the info and take care .

Posted By: Bavaria55n
Date Posted: November-09-2015 at 11:56am
Did Daisy make a cork gun and a pop gun version of the 1894?

Posted By: John in New Brunswic
Date Posted: November-09-2015 at 2:28pm
They did, I think it was the model 894 mentioned above and it shot the round corks. If you're lucky enough to find one, they made a complete trap shooting kit with the same model also. I believe you stepped (or stomped) on a rubber bellows that launched the target.

Posted By: Bavaria55n
Date Posted: November-09-2015 at 10:21pm
Thanks, I have one someplace but I think it is just the pop gun.

Posted By: John in New Brunswic
Date Posted: November-10-2015 at 1:00am
They no doubt made both. After some quick research I found a model 894 C-B which was the trap model. Either are probably quite scarce.

Posted By: Bavaria55n
Date Posted: November-11-2015 at 10:26pm
I dug mine out. I think it said 964 (?). It is not a repeater, the loading gate is not movable and may not have even shot corks, probably just a pop gun.
It has a shorter barrel and stock than a regular 1894. It does not have the holes for the saddle ring.
It is missing the front sight/band/muzzle.
Is the 864 cork gun a 'regular' sized gun or short one?

Posted By: DannoP
Date Posted: November-12-2015 at 12:19pm
My cork gun is a 894 and is smaller than a 1894 but a dead ringer , has the loading port and holds I guess maybe 8 or 10 of the round corks , all works but won't push air as it has the tapered air tube like the 1894 and thus has the same problem - shrunk seal , these kids must have been pretty strong then as I don't think the gun is any lighter to cock than it's big brother and I bet it really sent those corks flying .

Posted By: geena
Date Posted: April-04-2016 at 1:24am
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Posted By: jackdog
Date Posted: June-01-2016 at 12:41am
Don't know if this thread is still active, but I wanted to add my two cents.... the 894 does not use air to propel the round cork.  It is a spring powered piston that pushes the  cork ball out of the barrel.  There are no seals in this gun to wear out.  The reason the cork balls jam is that they are too big.
I have several of these rifles and one works , the other is in pieces.  Also have the trap shoot mech.  in the box.  ..FYI.... Rick

Posted By: bangpla
Date Posted: June-01-2016 at 9:33pm

I have two Red Ryder Cork Ball Carbine Guns Number 965-55 Training Rifle
Plymouth, MI

I have never had the cork balls, therefore I have never tried shooting these guns, but they are in almost mint condition, and one has the original sling.

The guns make great display or wall hanger guns.

The stock has a logo "Daisy Red Ryder" the likeness of Red Ryder with hat
                                     Cork Carbine

Louie LeMaster
U S Army Vietnam Veteran 67-68

Posted By: jackdog
Date Posted: June-14-2016 at 10:44pm
Are you selling any of them?  just curious...

Posted By: Cork104
Date Posted: April-12-2018 at 4:18am
Hi,i have a 894 cork balls does need at least two balls, and they have to be Made of cork , half inch or 12 mm caliper.let's Say you put those two balls in the loading gate load the gun with lever,maybe help the chambering by gently pushing the brass coursor.fully cock the hammer and shoot.nothin exit the barrel. Repeat the opration and should fire loud end strong. The actual barrel is a short tube Which is slightly smoller in diameter then the ball.the first ball is forced in the tube by a rod when pulling the triggger,then rests in the " inner muzzle" just like a cork in a bottle.when the following ball is forced in the barrel acts end perform as a piston seal itself, compressing the air inbetween the Two balls and letting the first pop away,and finally finding itself ready to be shot next round.and so on, up to 15 balls. The balls soffer often of deformation, somtimes of shattring, and ,probably due to the long "ovrbarrel ", it is unpredicteble where they going to hit.bye

Posted By: Bavaria55n
Date Posted: April-12-2018 at 9:20am
Cork 104,
 Thanks for the update on operation.
I wondered how a cork gun could work without air as described in a previous post.

Posted By: bangpla
Date Posted: April-12-2018 at 1:13pm
I have two of the Red Ryder Cork Carbine guns, 965-55

These are very nice and good looking cork guns, but I only use for display, both are in mint condition.

They were made in Plymouth. 

Louie LeMaster
U S Army Vietnam Veteran 67-68

Posted By: jackdog
Date Posted: May-07-2019 at 10:40pm
Ok  so I was trying to insert a picture on the 894 operation, but I guess that is not allowed??
Anyway I had been working to make the 894 function as it should and want to add my two cents on what one needs to do to make these work.. First you need 1/2 inch cork balls made from agglomerated cork. (That is they are made with little pieces of corks pressed together), not solid (or virgin) corks. This type of cork compresses more than if they were made out of solid or virgin cork.  These are readily available from a company called Widgetco  here is link:

Next you have to understand how this gun works:(  here's where I wish I could add a picture)

Anyway there is a 2 inch or so chamber at the back end (chamber loading end) of the barrel.  This chamber I will call the "cork ball chamber".  On cocking and firing the first cork, a piston pushes a cork ball about an inch and half into this chamber.  There it sits.  It does not come out. On The next cock and fire, a second cork ball is pushed into the chamber by the piston.  It compresses the air between it and the first ball that is stuck in there and this air pressure propels the first cork ball out of the chamber and barrel (with a loud pop!!!).  The second cork ball is now stuck in the cork ball chamber waiting for a third ball to be cocked and fired to propel it out...  and so on...  This is why you need those agglomerated cork balls so they compress well (and easy)!!!

Next you need to make sure that chamber is free of crud and rust... It should be on the inside as smooth as possible..  I used 420 paper and a dowel to really polish it up, then used metal polish...
With a little silicone wiped in there, the corks will fly!!!!

Hope this helps anyone with 894 problems...   There are no seals or air plungers or anything that would resemble a BB gun in this rifle.  Just a piston pushing a cork ball into a chamber, and the next cork ball causing air pressure to propel the first one out.....
Her is a copy of the instruction and operation hang tag from Trevor Adam's web site.... FYI

Aim Straight

Posted By: keenkutterrick
Date Posted: May-08-2019 at 6:42am
I have a Skeet Shooting Outfit, in the box. They made a 10ft. and a 15ft. version. Had both, but sold one. They're really cool. I would never try to shoot, or operate the trap. I learned my lesson, on cocking vintage bb guns, this winter. I cocked one of my cast iron Daisy 20th Centuries, and the stock broke off. I was sick and embarrassed. I fixed it, where you can't tell. Sometimes I get brave, and I'll cock and shoot my Daisy 1st model, but very carefully. The sound a 1st model makes, when fired, is way cool.

Posted By: BurghDude
Date Posted: May-08-2019 at 3:06pm

Thanks for the great information!  I've long wanted to find one of those, and pretty much given up.  Learning about them at the detail you provided is kind of the next best thing! 

There are some threads around about how to post.  That said, if you want to send the pictures you want inserted to me, I'll happily post them for you.

Posted By: keenkutterrick
Date Posted: May-08-2019 at 9:56pm
Thanks. I might consider selling my skeet Outfit.

Posted By: BurghDude
Date Posted: May-09-2019 at 6:09pm
Greetings all.

Here's the picture Jackdog wanted to post, explaining the 894 operation.  Enjoy!

Posted By: BurghDude
Date Posted: May-09-2019 at 6:11pm
As for buying, as I said before, our guns tend to be played with.  Wouldn't make any sense for me to get a "boxed set" collectible.  If a loose one happens to come around, then I might bite.  :) 

Posted By: RRyder95
Date Posted: August-26-2019 at 10:54am



Posted By: bangpla
Date Posted: August-30-2019 at 1:15pm

I have two of the Daisy Red Ryder Cork Carbine No: 965-55 in mint condition. 
Plymouth guns, and one has the sling.

Louie LeMaster
U S Army Vietnam Veteran 67-68

Posted By: BB1Shooter
Date Posted: August-30-2019 at 3:21pm
I think one recently sold on eBay for $77." rel="nofollow -

Posted By: gunslick1
Date Posted: February-20-2021 at 6:07pm
Is anybody on chat available to answer some questions about a Daisy 894 cork rifle?

BB guns forever,

Posted By: jackdog
Date Posted: February-20-2021 at 11:56pm
Jim, you can email me directly (see my profile) and would be glad to answer any questions on the 894 that I can... I have several of these and have worked on them for many years...  Rick

Aim Straight

Posted By: keenkutterrick
Date Posted: February-21-2021 at 12:26pm
I have 6 different 1894 noise makers.

Posted By: cobalt327
Date Posted: February-21-2021 at 12:55pm
Originally posted by keenkutterrick keenkutterrick wrote:

I have 6 different 1894 noise makers.
I'd have never guessed there were that many. That is an impressive job of collecting!

Posted By: keenkutterrick
Date Posted: February-21-2021 at 7:32pm

Posted By: Handyman
Date Posted: November-12-2021 at 5:03pm
 Dose anyone know how to remove the froarm on the Daisy 894 cork rifle?  I am hoping to gain better access to the cork chamber.


Posted By: twocompassheads
Date Posted: November-12-2021 at 5:22pm
   Handyman, ask Jackdog  his name is Rick.  I know he familiar with all of the ins and outs of the gun.  He also sells the proper cork balls for them.  I believe it was Rick who had the balls.  Dennis

Ride and Have Fun

Posted By: Handyman
Date Posted: November-13-2021 at 7:32pm
Here is the answer to the Daisy 894 cork rifle getting jammed.

I have a Daisy 894 cork ball rifle I got around 1960 and it has set idle for years until last month.

I first wanted to verify the size of cork ball this rifle uses.  I contacted Daisy and was sent to the Daisy museum but they were no help, they had no info about the toy rifles.  I have been talking with jackdog and he has helped me a lot.  Daisy sold only one cork ball for the cork rifles and that is the ½” agglomerated cork ball which is a ball made with pieces of cork.  This type of cork ball will squeeze through the 3/8” exit hole in the rifle while a ball made of virgin cork will not. 

I got some of the ½” agglomerated cork balls and when I tried to shoot the rifle the cork ball jammed.  It does take 2 balls for the rifle to fire.  I ended up with 3 balls stuck in the chamber and had to remove them.  I found a good trick to remove a stuck ball.  If it is a virgin cork ball you need to use a 3/16” drill bit put in a 12” spade bit holder.  Use an electric drill and run the drill bit in and out and chop up the cork ball and dump out the pieces.  Do this over and over until all the cork balls are out.  If it is a ½” agglomerated cork balls stuck I took a 1” drywall screw and soldered it to a 12” piece of real thick wire (3/32) then you can run the screw into the cork ball with pliers and then pull the ball out of the barrel.

Once the chamber is empty cock the rifle and use a 9mm wire bun brush on a rifle cleaning rod and move it in and out of the chamber many times to clean the chamber.  Next use some 320 or 400 sand paper on the end of a section of ¼” dowel rod.  Cut a slit in the end of the rod 1 ½” long and place a strip of sandpaper in the slit and wrap it around the rod.  It must be less than 3/8” diameter.  Cock the rifle and using an electric drill attached to the rod and run it all the way down and smooth the chamber and the exit hole real good.  Use a plastic tube and blow air down the barrel.  Now follow up with a cleaning pad or piece of cloth dipped in gun cleaning solution and clean the chamber.  Now follow up with some metal polish and a dry piece of cloth.  Lastly put some baby or talcum powder on a clean pad and wipe the side walls of the chamber.  Put some talcum powder in with the cork balls in a plastic bag.  The powder will be a lubricant. 

After doing all of this I was able to get the ½” agglomerated cork balls to fire out of my rifle.  But the ball fires out of the barrel with a delay from when the trigger is pulled. Sometimes the delay is just a split second but other times the delay was 2 to 5 seconds.  I discovered if the ball has been fired before the delay is less because it has been squeezed and is a little smaller Vs a first time used ball.  Also I can hear a squeaking sound during the delay time, like the ball is squeezing through the exit hole then a pop and the cork comes out.

 The more times the ½” agglomerated cork balls are shot through the rifle the better it gets.  I took 6 balls that I have shot before.   I make sure talcum powder was on the balls each time through the rifle.  After 4 times through the ball fired out with any delay and with full power.


Here is another thing to do:  Get a piece of ½” PEX plastic tubing from Home Depot or Lowes.  It is sold in 5’ pieces.  Cut it into 6” pieces.  The ID is 7/16” now take 6 cork balls coated w/talcum and push one at a time into the PEX tube for all 6 balls.  Repeat in another section of PEX tubing.  Let the balls set inside the tube for at least an hour or two than use a ¼” piece of dowel rod and push the balls out and now use then in the rifle.  It still will take 4 trips through for the rifle to shot correctly.           



Posted By: Handyman
Date Posted: November-28-2021 at 2:47pm
In my previous post I was said I was able to get a new ½” cork balls to fire but it was quite difficult to get the ½” agglomerated cork balls to shoot out of my rifle.  Well I did a lot more trial and error and I eliminated the delay and the problems that happen to get a ½” ball to go through the rifle.  The long and the short of it is I developed a process to compress the ½” agglomerated cork balls before putting it into the rifle.  The process I came up with eliminates the ball getting stuck.   I wrote a guide with 40 photos and detail instructions of the step by step process to prepare the ½” agglomerated cork balls for use in the Daisy 894 rifle.  This process requires you to make 2 jigs out of ¾” oak 1 ¼” square with a 15/32” hole drilled ¼” deep. 

Or you can get the ½” agglomerated cork balls to shoot in the 894 rifle by shooting each ball through the rifle 3-4 times.   The second process uses the rifle to compress the cork ball but it takes 3 to 4 attempts of shooting the rifle to get a ball to fire.  Both processes require preparing the rifle firing chamber ahead of time.  Both processes are explained in detail in a .pdf file.  Just send me your e-mail address and I will send you these instructions.

E-mail your request for the Daisy 894 Cork Rifle ball preparation, to: 


Posted By: Handyman
Date Posted: November-28-2021 at 2:49pm
Many thanks to jackdog he was very helpful .
Thanks, Handyman


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