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1894s...How Many ??

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Topic: 1894s...How Many ??
Posted By: MarvMar
Subject: 1894s...How Many ??
Date Posted: May-07-2018 at 7:31pm
Any  suggestions as to how I can obtain a listing of all the different BB gun  variations of 1894s that have been manufactured by Daisy?

I have over 20 DIFFERENT models and know there are still more. Some issues consisted of as few as 50 guns. I have tried Daisy Museum and several other sources and no luck.


Marv, NW OH

Posted By: Bavaria55n
Date Posted: May-07-2018 at 10:50pm
You might start by listing yours and see if anyone else has something not on the list.
I think it would be interesting to see what turns up.

Posted By: BurghDude
Date Posted: May-08-2018 at 12:10pm
A while back I took a stab at making a list of the ones I was aware of.  I clearly wan't all that scientific, and this is also as far as I took it. ;)  Anyone can feel free to add to / reformat this list as they see fit!  It might be better to organize them into phases:

Metal side
Plastic side button safety
Plastic side slide safety 

But, I don't have any idea of the dates associated with the major design changes.  Could certainly use some help with that. 

Model 1894 Spittin Image, metal receiver, plastic stock and forearm, no staple or ring
Model 1894 Spittin Image, metal receiver, plastic stock and forearm
Model 3030 Western Carbine Buffalo Bill Scout 1969-72 
Model 1894 Sears Roebuck 19052 "Replica Centennial Rifle Crafted by Daisy" Octagonal Barrel 1969-73
Model 1894 Sears Roebuck 19054 "Crafted by Daisy" Round barrel 
Model 1894 Sears Roebuck 19120 Octagonal Barrel  
Model 5894 NRA Centennial Commemorative Carbine painted steel receiver, barrel bands, buttpad Model 1894 1894 -1994 Centennial - 1994
"1871 NRA Centennial 1971" engraved on side plate, plastic stock and forearm --1971,2 
           NRA Centennial Commemorative with number matching pistol (179) --1971,2 
?     1894 Classic model 1973 Montgomery Wards under their Hawthorne Brand black receiver with vine silkscreen, plastic stock and forearm
Model 1894 Ducks Unlimited Greenwing, bronze receiver, medallion and Greenwing silkscreen on receiver
Western Carbine and Pistol set --1996
?          Wells Fargo Commemorative BB Carbine -- Black and gray receiver with "Wells Fargo" in a blended, plastic stock and foregrip, silver star in stock , adjustable rear sight
Canadian Buffalo Bill | plastic stock, regular Buffalo Bill receiver, plated front sight, barrel band, loading port
Early Sears Buffalo Bill | wood stock, regular Buffalo Bill receiver

-- button safety

?          The State of Texas, Texas Rangers, black plastic receiver with button trigger safety, wood stock and forearm.  From the Texas Ranger Museum in Waco Texas. 

Model 1894 Spittin Image, black plastic receiver, plastic stock and forearm
?          Buffalo Bill Cody 1970 for the Cody Museum, wood stock and forearm 
Model 5694 Texas Ranger and Pistols --1973,4
?        1894 Winchester Anniversary Wood stock and grip, trigger safety

-- slide safety

Model 1894 Ducks Unlimited Greenwing, side safety, medallion and Greenwing silkscreen on receiver--1974 
Model 5994 Wells Fargo Commemorative --1974,5  Black with Gold silkscreen receiver, stagecoach & horses, plastic stock and foregrip, screw in foregrip, no barrel band
Model 1894 Buffalo Bill 150th Anniversary --1996 black plastic receiver with gold silkscreen "Limited Edition" with side safety, wood stock and forearm, large disk in stock, octagon barrel

?          J.C.Penny Stage coach 1894 wood stock and forearm
Model 1894 NRA Plastic receiver, NRA burned into stock in large circular pattern

Posted By: cobalt327
Date Posted: May-08-2018 at 6:13pm
Here's everything I have. Some came from here, some from various online sources. I make no guarantee of the accuracy, but if it's of any use to anyone feel free to use it. I apologize in advance for what the forum software might do to the formatting of this info- this forum and Office Word do not always play well together.

1961-1985 Spttin’ Image carbine

Sold new in 1966 for about $15.95
1994 Commemorative model octagon barrel was made
1992-1996 Safety was added
2002- Walmart $68.83.

Velocity 300 FPS, .177 BB 15 shot magazine, straight western style wood stock

38" long

2003 Specs Daisy Winchester Model 1894  
ACTION: Lever action; spring air

SAFETY: Crossbolt trigger block
CALIBER: .177 (4.5mm) BB

BARREL: smooth bore steel
SIGHTS: Blade and ramp front, micro-adjustable rear

STOCK/FOREARM: Straight western style solid wood

CAPACITY: 15-shot magazine


“SEARS 1894-types

            Have at least 5 Models: 19052, 19120, 19210, 19250, and Golden Spike"
“1894 Rifles: NRA 5894; Wells Fargo 5994; Texas Ranger 5694; ‘regular’ Texas Ranger and a 1994 Limited Edition based on the Sears Octagon Barrel single or in set with 179 type pistol"

Some Sears 1894 variant model number info from “Bob Luke” @ the network 54 forum" rel="nofollow -  


Daisy produced their 1894 Rifle under a Contract to Sears in Special Configuration from 1969 to 1973: ie the 799.19019 (Blued ver); 799.19020 (a Blued ver; then a Copper/Gold Receiver ver [I have seen both]); and 799.12052 (actually a ver of the 30-30 [Buffalo Bill] in a Brass Receiver) which looks like the Winchester Golden Spike.


From GB auction: Sears (manufactured by Daisy) Model 1894 SRC lever action BB rifle. Manufactured from 1969-1973 rifle features a 20" octagon barrel, plastic "wood grain" forend and buttstock, saddle ring and stud and gold painted forend cap, receiver, tangs and buttplate.


61-85 G$55 - M$120
92-96 G$30-40" rel="nofollow -


1894 Buffalo Bill Scout




1894 NRA 1871-1971 Centennial

One example has no prefix. The REG. NO. is 003810


Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation Commemorative limited edition

Posted By: Bavaria55n
Date Posted: May-09-2018 at 12:11pm
Are these two carbines marked differently?

Model 5894 NRA Centennial Commemorative Carbine painted steel receiver, barrel bands, buttpad "1871 NRA Centennial 1971" engraved on side plate, plastic stock and forearm --1971,2 
 NRA Centennial Commemorative with number matching pistol (179) --1971,2 

 Was  the model sold with a matching pistol to NRA Life members was  (in the markings) than the general sales model?

Posted By: BurghDude
Date Posted: May-09-2018 at 9:07pm
Hey Marv, come on and chip in.. which ones do you have / know about?  :)

Gary, I'm not positive, but I think the NRA that was sold by itself looks the same as the one that was sold as a set with a number matching pistol.  Maybe someone that has one from both sets can chip in?  I don't have either.

Posted By: MarvMar
Date Posted: May-09-2018 at 9:28pm
Sorry...2 trips to emergency room, had a nasty fall !!!

Here's are a few of mine that I don't think were mentioned: 
1) Ted Williams, Sears
2) Golden Boy with round barrel
3) 1894 with factory scope
4) "CLASSIC" stencil on receiver
5)  1894, chrome receivers, etc.
6) John Wayne
7) Rocky Mt Elk
8) Ducks Unlimited
9) ????Probably not original...All black EXCEPT gold receivers, round barrel

Will try to assemble a list of all known models...using all the above posts.

Marv, NW OH

Posted By: BurghDude
Date Posted: May-09-2018 at 10:18pm
Sorry to hear it Marv!  Hope you're healing up nicely now.

Talk about learning something new.. I have 2 Sears Sears Octagon barrel 19052 guns.  They have all the same text on the barrel, except for different Reg #s (obviously).  One I knew as being the version called the Golden Boy.  I'd seen a fair amount of pictures that showed a flat goldish finish, and read the warnings that the finish comes off pretty easily.  The other one has a much brighter, plated looking finish.  I asked the Museum if the Golden Boy was released with two different finishes.  They could neither confirm nor deny.  Well, it turns out it is the Golden Spike version I didn't know about until today!  Comparing it to pictures of the Winchester Golden Spike leaves no doubt.  Leave it to the powers that be that they both have the same model number.  But at least I finally found out what it is!  Thank you, forum :) Here is a picture of the Spike and Boy side by side, showing the difference in their finishes  

Ironically, there's a Winchester Golden Spike on Gunbroker right now.  So for those who would like to see it:

Posted By: cobalt327
Date Posted: May-09-2018 at 11:38pm
Whoa, hope you're doing better Marv!

Posted By: cobalt327
Date Posted: May-09-2018 at 11:41pm
I didn't know the Golden Spike had a different finish- a killer find, too, BurghDude!. It and the chrome model Marv mentioned would make a striking display. And a spendy one to boot!

Posted By: MarvMar
Date Posted: May-10-2018 at 7:49am
"Replica Centennial Rifle Crafted by Daisy".
Only model I've ever seen that has that inscribed on the barrel. 
Metalic gold (not paint), curved butt plate
Mod 799.19052

Marv, NW OH

Posted By: BurghDude
Date Posted: May-10-2018 at 8:14am
You're right!  I forgot to look at the cursive script by the oil hole.  The Golden Boy just has "Crafted By Daisy", and the Golden Spike has "Replica Centennial Rifle Crafted by Daisy".  I put a picture of the two back in my earlier post, showing the difference in receiver color.  

Posted By: MarvMar
Date Posted: May-10-2018 at 10:11am
Think we have just confirmed a "puzzle" that few know about.
Some time ago I had a discussion with BAKERS AIRGUNS about a GOLDEN SPIKE they had listed. I asked how it differed from the golden boy and was told "There is no difference". Then I asked how they knew they had a Golden Spike and never got an answer. I guess they were correct (????) only difference is the "script"

Marv, NW OH

Posted By: BurghDude
Date Posted: May-10-2018 at 10:40am
Does anyone care to share pictures and what models they are of their 1894s? We could make something of a visual record here in the forum. If anyone want to send their pictures to me, I'll happily do the legwork of posting them. Or maybe a good question is, does anyone else think this is worth doing? ;)

Posted By: MarvMar
Date Posted: May-10-2018 at 11:39am
One gun at a time?
Or, groups, or Collections?
If you do groups, I would suggest no more than 2 at a time.

Marv, NW OH

Posted By: Airitis
Date Posted: May-10-2018 at 5:31pm
Marv, hope you are gonna' be O.K.

The flat finish looks similar to a Sears version of the 880 I have. I bet it was reserved for their branded guns.


Posted By: BurghDude
Date Posted: May-10-2018 at 8:01pm
So Marv, I think I agree that singles or small groups is the best way to go.  I also think we should start another thread with the pictures.  Maybe other users will use it as a repository over time.

Posted By: MarvMar
Date Posted: May-10-2018 at 9:31pm
I can take pics but no good at "posting" them.
Why don't you start a new thread and post a few singles.. that could give an idea as to how we can contribute.

Marv, NW OH

Posted By: BurghDude
Date Posted: May-10-2018 at 9:49pm
Will do, when I get a chance ;)  I might have time to start this weekend.  

Posted By: BurghDude
Date Posted: May-11-2018 at 2:35pm
For those interested in seeing a Winchester Golden Spike, there's one on GB right now:

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