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Powerline 400 +20yo, blowing CO2 out immediately

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Topic: Powerline 400 +20yo, blowing CO2 out immediately
Posted By: cobrajocky
Subject: Powerline 400 +20yo, blowing CO2 out immediately
Date Posted: March-12-2019 at 12:57pm
Anyone remember the long ago discontinued Daisy Powerline 400 CO2?  It may have been the first recoiling slide, self-cocking BB pistol, made in Japan. A near identical in shape and size to the famed Desert Eagle Magnum Center Fire Pistol, Daisy quickly discontinued it (claimed) because it looked too "real". I'm a gunsmith, had a Desert Eagle in .44 Mag and it DIDN'T look convincingly like the real thing.

I bought a Powerline 400 when they first came out +20 years ago out of curiosity and novelty, became disenchanted (it leaked CO2 too fast between shootings) and gave it to my son. It sat around in a closet unused for 19 years and my son just gave it back.

Now when I insert a fresh CO2 caplet into the grip (I put some Peloil on the CO2 puncture end) it immediately blows ALL the CO2 out the Hammer striker area. I tried again, assuming that some seals were "dry", putting a full drop of Peloil on the Puncture seat for the caplet, and no difference.

Personally, I think Daisy discontinued this model because it always had a "leak" problem, as mine did from "new from the box", only slower back then.

I've done some "smithing" on Airguns before for clients, I am no airgun specialist but this can't be any more difficult than a center firearm to repair.  Trouble is that Daisy has no breakdown or parts diagrams for this old model except for a PDF of the manual.  Daisy CS did reply that the none of the subsequent Daisy CO2 models shared any parts or seals with the 400 ... which also leads me to believe there was a design flaw with this Blowback design from the beginning.

Anyone offer any insight to this issue with the major leak now, how to fix it, find or make my own seals and hopefully someone with an exploded diagram of the pistol and especially the CO2 mechanism for repairing??

Picture -

Posted By: cobrajocky
Date Posted: July-15-2021 at 9:53pm
Bump bump bump ....
 Come on people!  Someone has to know something about this Japanese made First Blowback CO2 BB Pistol!!?? I really need some diagnostic HELP to fix it and maybe where to find compatible O Rings and gaskets. HELP!!

Posted By: Pacoinohio
Date Posted: July-16-2021 at 9:09am
I would try automatic transmission leak-stop fluid- I think Bars Leak is the brand I use. Pelgun oil is good for maintenance but it doesn’t do anything to help swell seals and orings. 

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Posted By: BB1Shooter
Date Posted: July-16-2021 at 11:57am
I have a Daisy 400 also. I bought it from a used airguns dealer last year. 

It works well. Great early blowback replica BB gun. Lots of shots per CO2. Also managed to get a couple of spare clips for it. Makes reloads a lot faster. 

Yes, mine leaks a little CO2 at the start, but that does not really effect the shot count, as it stops leaking after a shot or two. I just keep using Crosman Pellgun Oil on the tips of the CO2 cartridges to keep the seals softer.

I also have the Umarex pellet shooting Desert Eagle, that is offically licenced by Magnum Research. Both are fun to shoot. The MR version is a bit more of an accurate shooter, and a bit more of a replica of the DE. But the Daisy 400 is a bit more of a dependable gun. The MR version is prone to slide breakage from the heavy blowback. 

Here is a site that sells some parts for the 400, plus a schematic diagram.

Hope that helps. 

Happy shooting.

BTW, informative table top & field test reviews of the 400;

And, my favorite Desert Eagle scene from a movie:

Posted By: Cripplegunner
Date Posted: January-31-2022 at 9:49am
Hello lads,
I just got my Powerline 400 from a colleague . The pistol was "born" in 2000 ;-) 
Looking not bad for its age, but the left grip which covering the CO2 compartment is missing. Thanks to BB1Shooter ,I have contacted with JGAirguns guys , and waiting for my email answer . Will post some pics later .

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Posted By: cobrajocky
Date Posted: May-31-2022 at 2:17pm
Hey thanks for the lead to JG Airguns, I downloaded their Exploded Diagram for the Powerline 400 which made disassembly much easier.

The CO2 face  seal was definitely shot, hard as a rock and deformed. Some of the internal seals were hard so I replaced them with common metric O-rings of the same size often found in "O Ring Kits" you can find on Amazonie and even Ace Hardware stores.

The CO2 "Face Seal" is another story though, so I ordered a couple from JD Airguns yesterday and since they had them, a couple BB "magazines" for a lot less than I would expect them to be for a long discontinued BB pistol.

Once the Face Seal arrives from JD Airguns, I'll report back on the progress.

I would still love to find out who in Japan actually made this for Daisy, as you may not know, they really haven't "MADE" most of their own airguns for decades, unlike Crosman who still has a factory in the US for some of their high-end airguns.  Those "Full Auto AR series" and FA AK-47 BB rifles are made for them by KWA of Taiwan. KWA also makes all the "SIG Sauer" Pellet pistols and Rifles. KWA, Jia, KWC and WE-Tech, and a few other Taiwanese Airgun companies have in some cases surpassed well known Japanese makers like Tokyo Marui.

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