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1894 Plunger Pin - Caution

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Topic: 1894 Plunger Pin - Caution
Posted By: twocompassheads
Subject: 1894 Plunger Pin - Caution
Date Posted: November-25-2020 at 10:04pm
  This is a heads up if your resealing your 1894 with new seals and air tube with the flat sided plunger pin.  Not all the pins are the same length, you must measure the pin or at least make sure it is the same length as the round pin or existing pin you removed.  The air chamber is tapered and only about 2 1/8 inches long, the pin will fit in the gun but jam in the air chamber when installed or fired if it is too long.
1.   This shows the top row of too long flat pins with a standard round pin on each end of the row, that extra amount of length will jam or cause a shortened stroke in the air chamber and a weak firing.  The bottom row is standard round plunger pins from 1894's.
2.   This shows the flat long pin will not fit into the air chamber of the 1894 (this is the end of the air  chamber where the location of the abutment seal goes).   I cut out the air chamber from a 1894 barrel for testing and sizing.
3.   This shows the long flat pin jamming in the air chamber about 1/2 way down (this is the entrance to the air chamber where the plunger seal sits when in the cocked position).
4.   This shows the amount of clearance when the pin enters the air chamber before it jams 1/2 way down.
5.   This shows the stock round pin in the same position with ample clearance.
6.   This is the correct stock length that the pin should be, from .7150 to .7200 is a good length that will not give you any problems.
7.   This is a long pin that will not work.
8.   This is one of the longest pins I've found but all of the long ones can be ground on one end to the proper length.

    These pins are for another gun that has a larger diameter air chamber that is of course not tapered like the 1894.  Maybe these will fit the model 25 or the 1938B and many other guns but not the 1894.
    This doesn't mean that all the flat pins are wrong, it's just a reminder to check the plunger pin length when resealing your 1894 with a new air tube with the flat pin. 

Ride and Have Fun

Posted By: cobalt327
Date Posted: November-26-2020 at 2:38am
Thanks for that, very interesting indeed. 

Posted By: Bob1774
Date Posted: November-26-2020 at 8:36pm
Dennis, thanks for the information and caution.  I'm relatively new here, but recently acquired a 1961 1894.  You gave me some great advice on dating, as did "Cobalt," and other info.

Fortunately, it seems to work fine after some oil, but I'm sensing that an internal restoration on the 1894 is a bit more involved that other air guns?  

I've totally disassembled/re-sealed/reassembled two early Model 99's, early Daisy 880, a half dozen Crosman 760's of different variants, and several each of the Crosman 140'sand 1400's, and also a few air pistols.

I'm curious about this 1894, but guess I'm going with the "ain't broke," strategy for now.  Perhaps I'll find a beater '94 to learn on!

Thanks again for sharing the info for others.

Posted By: Gumslinger
Date Posted: November-27-2020 at 11:01pm
Excellent information & photos. Thanks for the good work & the posting!

Posted By: cobalt327
Date Posted: November-28-2020 at 12:58am
This is from my notes on the new type guns, but it's semi-related I suppose.

The retainer pin with flats began being used in the Red Ryder with the No. 1938 Red Ryder Carbine. I suspect it was used from the very beginning (1972), but I cannot say for sure. But I have seen it in a 1974 No. 1938 Red Ryder Carbine. 

The measurements of the current pin with flats is 0.096" (~ 2.5 mm) thick x 0.136" (~ 3.5 mm) wide x 0.770" (~ 19.5 mm) long. The length does vary some. The same pin is used in guns having both 7/8" OD pistons (like the 1938B Red Ryder), and 13/16" OD pistons (like the 25 pump gun). 
(Just added: But it would be trouble in an 1894.)

The new retainer pin is no longer available. Daisy sells a pin for the 499B, but it's round. Because of the lack of availability, I have begun making pins blacksmith-style, using round stock, a hammer and an anvil!

Posted By: BSAGuy
Date Posted: November-28-2020 at 3:18pm
Thanks for that tip, Dennis.  So it seems that size does matter after all.

Be Prepared

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