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Printed Date: February-25-2021 at 5:45pm
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Topic: Pictures
Posted By: keenkutterrick
Subject: Pictures
Date Posted: January-06-2021 at 4:10pm
Is there a reason it's next to impossible to post pictures here? I'm not IT savvy.

Posted By: Bavaria55n
Date Posted: January-07-2021 at 8:52am
Me either.
I really appreciate those who can do it and share them with us.

Posted By: plymouthairrifle
Date Posted: January-07-2021 at 10:23am
I agree!!     I have posted photos on other forums that are so easy even a "cave man" could do it.

Please make a change to this site and let us post photos!!

Wes Powers

Posted By: oldwizzer
Date Posted: January-07-2021 at 2:05pm
There are a number of members  that post pictures here.



Posted By: twocompassheads
Date Posted: January-07-2021 at 4:27pm
I will paste this picture in this forum reply and explain how I did it.  It is the last picture at the bottom.
    Here is how to do it.  I will post a series of pictures and the steps to post pictures in here.
First you need to put your pictures into a photograph site, it won't take them directly from your phone, computer or tablet.  I use Imgur to send my photos to, I only use this for the Daisy Forum.  Easy to load your pictures to that site and easy to sign up for access.  I don't share them on Imgur with the public or any where else.  There are other sites that maybe other member can say what they use but this one works good for me.
    This is the procedure that I use to post pictures, first I give myself a few lines for writing, if you don't then you can't squeeze it in later after the pictures are entered.  At least this is what I've ran into.  Also if you put the curser at the top of the last picture and you want to put another picture on the forum reply there will be no gap to write under the picture, they will be one continuous line of pictures.  I will say hi under the first picture with a space.

1.  I open two browsers to go back and forth in when posting pictures.
2.  The pictures will be on your page (Imgur) and the number of pictures in that group that you downloaded will be in the top right corner.
3.  In the forum you need to go to "post reply" and the box will open up like the one in the picture, click on the green tree where you see my pointer  
4.  Next a window will pop up like in the picture, I just ignore it and go to my Imgur post and it will go away when you switch to Imgur. 
5.  Click on the group of pictures you want to use.  This will open up all those pictures in that group and you can pick the one you want.   Remember you downloaded these to Imgur cause these are the ones you want to post.  Like the Christmas guns that I posted a picture of you right click on the picture and hit "copy image" 
6. Then go back to the forum and put the curser where you want the top left corner of the picture to be and right click to bring up your window and click on "paste" and walah you have a picture posted.
7.  For each picture I click on the green tree to let me post a picture, maybe I don't have to do that after the first one but I do it anyways and it works.
8.  Remember that you post the last picture first and then the next one will be on top of it and so on.  Space between each picture or put the curser on the top of the last picture for no spacing.

Good luck on it.

Hi everyone!!!

Ride and Have Fun

Posted By: schutzen-jager
Date Posted: January-07-2021 at 5:11pm
this + the CMP forum are the only ones that do not allow users to post attached photos directly from computer , at least  9 other forums i belong to allow it with no security problems at all - 

Posted By: jackdog
Date Posted: January-07-2021 at 10:24pm
Dennis, thanks for the turorial for those that are struggling with posting images.  That took some work to do.  I personally use . for hosting the images, and it gives you an icon to automatically copy the link for the posting.  I think it involves less steps than what you described, but not sure.

  One thing I had to learn , and this was by luck.  The Post image icon does not show up above the quick reply window unless you click on the arrow pointing up and to the right above the message block.  If you do not do this there is no icon to insert an image... 
Unless I have a strange browser or something???

Nice Job.

Aim Straight

Posted By: oldrifle
Date Posted: January-07-2021 at 10:57pm
Why no pictures?
Typically it is a management and budgetary issue for the forum owner.
Some owners are concerned about managing what kind of photos might be posted...for instance, that bikini girl behind the air rifle might be a problem form the owner.
Also, pictures take space, and space costs money on the server. It isn't much money, but if the site is a low budget operation, the couple hundred dollars a year for storage might be prohibitive.
So what this forums does, is they require you to host the pictures elsewhere, and then post the link to the picture here. It's a pain for the users, but saves space for the this site.

Posted By: keenkutterrick
Date Posted: January-08-2021 at 7:12am
Makes sense.

Posted By: schutzen-jager
Date Posted: January-08-2021 at 12:57pm
after massive problems with two photo hosting sites i will never use one again - many others are of the same opinion as i am - like i previously stated numerous other forums allow direct posting with never a problem -  

Posted By: keenkutterrick
Date Posted: January-08-2021 at 3:41pm
I won't even attempt to post a picture. Fortunately most posts here are about repairing and parts. Would be nice to see some collections on here, though. My opinion.

Posted By: BSAGuy
Date Posted: January-10-2021 at 9:02pm
Posting pics here isn't the easiest thing on the world, but like anything else, once you post a couple, you get the hang of it.  Dennis' tutorial is about as clearly presented as it can be.

Be Prepared

Posted By: schutzen-jager
Date Posted: January-11-2021 at 9:36am
JMHO - i find it easy , fast , + simple to do if you do not have to use a separate hosting site - 74+ and not very tech savvy user -   

Posted By: DaisyBBgunner
Date Posted: January-14-2021 at 1:41pm
I followed twocompassheads' instructions and was able to post this photo.  I only chose one photo to post just to see if I could do it (baby steps).  His instructions are good.

Gary Garber

Posted By: twocompassheads
Date Posted: January-14-2021 at 4:37pm
Good one Gary, anything you store in Imgur you can move it to the forum.  Also it can be private on the site, no need to share it with the public. 

Ride and Have Fun

Posted By: jackdog
Date Posted: January-14-2021 at 6:02pm

Here is a little known trick for getting pictures and information on the Forum.
Let us say you want to put something up you see on the internet.  Well JUST HIGHLIGHT WHAT YOU WANT on that page, RIGHT CLICK AND SELECT COPY or COPY IMAGE, whatever you see.   NOW COME TO THE FORUM GO TO THE POST WINDOW, RIGHT CLICK AND SELECT PASTE.  Walah, it is in the message box!--- text, pictures, hyperlinks, and all.  I use this a lot.
Internet content must be on a published page......................
Below.... that is exactly what I did to get this from the Daisy Museum page to demonstrate.
Regards, Rick
Try it, you'll like it!  --  "Hey Mickey likes it!"" rel="nofollow - 2020 Downtown Rogers Model 25

Each year the Daisy Museum creates artwork, featuring an historic site in downtown Rogers, Arkansas, to be engraved into the stock of the famous Daisy Model 25 pump-action BB gun. This year's artwork features the H.L. Stroud House. Mr. Stroud founded Stroud Mercantile in downtown Rogers in 1884, and built this impressive home in 1898. In 1920 the building became a funeral home and operated as such for 82 years. It was razed in 2019. A card, inserted with each gun, tells a more complete story. These guns are engraved to order and, when 500 guns have been made or at the end of 2020, whichever comes first, the issue will be closed." rel="nofollow - Click here to view more!

Aim Straight

Posted By: twocompassheads
Date Posted: January-14-2021 at 7:40pm
    I did the same thing and it works, good  to remember.  Thanks Rick

Ride and Have Fun

Posted By: jackdog
Date Posted: January-14-2021 at 7:55pm
Dennis, Thanks for your tutorial, I see Gary is on board with posting pictures.   
Nice you tried it and it worked!  I got excited for a moment on your post above I thought it was your man-cave!  
Was ready to make some more trade deals!!!  LOL
Regards, Rick

To Rick Eastley,  you need to try this so you can put up some pics also... 

Aim Straight

Posted By: jackdog
Date Posted: January-14-2021 at 8:02pm
I forgot to mention on the above TRICK for getting pics and text  off the internet on the Forum post -- It will not work if the content is a Flash post, or other embeded HTML stuff.   Only text and pics/gifs...
Thanks .  Just experiment and you will soon find what it works with and what it does not.
Regards, Rick

Aim Straight

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